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Large Format Printing

Hope College faculty, staff, and students can submit posters for large format printing via the CopyWorks! submission form for general, academic, and research purposes. 

Size: The large format printers use 24” & 42” paper rolls, so dimensions are limited to 24”, & 42” on one side. 
  • General use common poster sizes are 18x24, 24X30, 24X36.
    (A good size for wall notices is 11x17 which can be printed via regular CopyWorks! Printing - 25 cents)

  • Research posters are typically 24x36, 36x48, and 42x48.
Cost:  Research Posters
24 x 36 = $5.00
36 x 48 = $9.00
42 x 48 = $13.00
Regular Posters
18 x 24 = $5.00
24 x 30 = $5.00
Locations: Dewitt CopyWorks! - (24” max size one side) (8AM – 5PM), X7825
Library CopyWorks! - 2nd floor Media desk - (24” and 42” max one side) - library hours, X7797
Format: PDF, JPG, and PPT slides. PPT slides are preferred for research & dense content.
File Size: Online file upload is limited to 25mb. Larger files can be dropped off on a labelled flash drive.
Typically, 24 hours. During the Celebration of Undergraduate Research and Creative Performance in April the turnaround could possibly be 48 to 72 hours.
Trimming: is available
All posters are printed on high gloss photo paper and laminating is not recommended.

Research Presentation and Celebration of Undergraduate Research and Creative Performance Templates
(click link for PowerPoint template)

 Tips for Preparing Your Poster
  • Plan ahead! Please do not wait until the last minute to submit your poster for printing as the turnaround time may be longer during busy times.
  • Do not place any text, graphics, etc. within 1/2" of the margin
  • Ink fades over time if not kept beneath glass.
  • Image quality is important. Low-resolution images will appear pixilated or blurry when printed on a large scale. For best results, scan images from books, use quality digital photos or speak with a reference librarian about high quality image databases.

          To Create a General Custom Size Slide In PowerPoint

  • In Power Point, from the Design Tab, go to > Page Set-up
  • Select “Custom” under “slides sized for:”
  • Input the desired dimensions in the dialogue box and click ‘OK’.