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CSCI 231

Introductory Data Structures


**Major Requirement (for B.A. and B.S.)**

Course Description:
Most applications require you to store and organize its data somehow. The key to making the program east to write and efficient is finding effective ways to do that organization.

In this course, you will expand your knowledge past the world of arrays to such exciting data structures as lists, stacks, queues, hash tables, and trees. You will learn how to use Java's implementation of these structures and and to pick the most efficient structure and implementation for your application.

Offered each fall semester.

This course is taught by Dr. Dershem or Dr. McFall.

CSCI 225. See the department policy on prerequisites.

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An introduction to the fundamental data structures of Computer Science and their accompanying algorithms. Stacks, Queues, Binary Trees, and Priority Queues will be included. Classical sorting and searching algorithms will be learned and implemented.