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CSCI 235

Data structures & Software design

**Required for the CS Major & minor**

Course Description:
This course builds on CSCI 225 and focuses on building software through the use of common data structures such as lists, stacks, and queues. You'll learn how to compare the effectiveness of these data structures and how to choose which one to use in a given situation. In addition, you will learn to design and build larger applications that include a graphical user interface.


Computer Science faculty

CSCI 225

Catalog Description:
An introduction to the fundamental data structures of computer science, the design methodologies of software and the basic algorithms for these. Data structures such as stacks, queues, binary trees and priority queues will be included. Software design and development methods such as object oriented design, design patterns, and basic algorithm analysis will also be covered. Projects utilizing these data structures and design methods will be completed. Emphasis will be placed on the partnership between algorithms and data structures.