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CSCI 260

Computer Organization

**Major Requirement (for B.A. and B.S.)**

Course Description:
In this course, we explore basic computer architecture and organization. This includes examining the hardware of a computer and figuring out how it works.

We program chips and logic circuits in this course, including building a CPU.

We also learn to program at the assembly language level. We explore how to fit data and control structures from programming languages like Java and C++ into machine/assembly level constructs.

Offered each year during the fall semester.

This course is taught by Dr. Jipping.

CSCI 250 a prerequisite because it teaches much of the Boolean logic we need for programming chips and logic circuits. See the department policy on prerequisites.

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Catalog Description:
An introduction to the organization of computers at the register level. Digital logic including gates, circuits, memory organization, and microprocessors. Conventional machine architecture and assembly language programming. Prerequisite: Computer Science 250.
Two Credits Staff Fall Semester