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CSCI 335

Introduction to Computer Architecture

Course Description:
The array of choices of computer processers and systems is quite large. How do computer designers make choices about which processor and other system components to use? What are the main differences between the currently available machine architectures? Take this course to find out!

A computer is a complex machine, made up of several different subsystems that all interact with each other. Designing the systems that facilitate this interaction is a complex and time consuming process. In this course, you will learn how the CPU interacts with the memory, I/O and other subsystems to implement a complete computer.

Finally, you will learn about techniques that hardware designers use to improve the performance of their CPU's, such as pipelining, super-scalar processors, and other design techniques.

Offered spring semester in odd numbered years.

This course is taught by Dr. Cusack or Dr. Jipping.

CSCI 112 and CSCI 260. See the department policy on prerequisites.

Catalog Description:
This course introduces the basics of the design and implementation of computer architecture. Topics include machine modelling, design issues, the design of processors, buses, and memory. Prerequisite: Computer Science 112 or 260. Offered odd years.
Four Credits Jipping Spring Semester