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CSCI 342

Computer Graphics

Course Description:
In this course we explore the mathematical and algorithmic basics of computer graphics. You will get a chance to combine your programming abilities and some fundamental mathematics to create interesting computer graphics projects.

Some of the activities that have been accomplished by past students include implementing a MS-Windows BMP viewer, writing programs to play games such as Tetris and Solitaire, using the graphics capabilities of the OpenGL API to create realistic 3D scenes, implementing a "fly-by" of a scene and a 3 dimensional ray tracer.

Programs are written in the C# programming language, giving students more experience with the C# language and the Visual Studio development environment.

Sign up for this course if you want to be rewarded with actually seeing the results of your work and being able to show it off to your roommates and friends!!

Offered spring semester in odd numbered years.

This course is taught by Dr. McFall.

CSCI 112 or 114 and CSCI 235 are prerequisites. See the department policy on prerequisites.

Comments from Previous Students:

Catalog Description:
An introduction to the concepts, techniques, algorithms, and data structures used in computer graphics and image processing. Topics include transformations, clipping, windowing, perspective, hidden lines and surfaces, color, shading, ray tracing, edge detection, and compression. Prerequisite: Computer Science 112 or 114 and 241. Offered odd years.
Four Credits McFall Spring Semester