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CSCI 376

Computer Networking

Course Description:
Communicating over a network has become an integral part of many applications. Even applications that don't seem network oriented often involve the network in some way. How do programmers write applications that effectively use the resources of the Internet? This is what you will learn in this course!

You will get to write a Java application that communicates over the network in some way. In previously semesters, students have written an IMAP enabled email client! Gaining experience writing network applications will definitely advantageous to you as you look for jobs in the future.

When you downloaded this web page, the work performed to retrieve the page was more complex than you might imagine! Your web browser had to contact the right server, your request had to be routed from your computer to that server, errors in transmission may have had to be dealt with, and the page probably traveled through several different types of networks to arrive at your computer!

In this course, you will also learn about how the various network "layers" work together to make communication over a network seem so easy.

Offered spring semester in odd numbered years.

CSCI 112, 235 and 245. See the department policy on prerequisites.

Catalog Description:
This course provides a study of computer networking architecture and protocols, using the TCP/IP suite as our primary example. We will study application-level protocols such as electronic mail, remote login, and file transfer. We will learn about network management and interconnecting heterogeneous networks. We will study different types of transmission media and media access protocols. Students will gain experience writing client-server applications and network analysis programs. Offered odd years.
Four Credits Spring Semester