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CSCI 392

Database Systems

Course Description:
Huge amounts of data are generated every day, and stored into many different databases. What is the best way to store that data? What tools and techniques exist for quickly retrieving the data you need? How do you maintain the integrity of the information in the database?

These questions and others will be answered in this course. Students will gain experience using the SQL language for querying and updating databases, and will build a significant front-end application for an existing database.

Effective database administrators must know how to design, maintain, and fine-tune the performance of these databases. This course also covers the theory and practices underlying the database administrator's job.

Relational databases are not the only type of database, however. This course will also cover the design of other types of databases and their applications.

Offered fall semester of odd numbered years.

This course is usually taught by Dr. McFall.

CSCI 112 or 114 and CSCI 235 . See the department policy on prerequisites.

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Catalog Description:
This course examines database architecture by examining application design and looking at external, conceptual, and internal levels of databases. We also study the use of database software tools. Topics include the development of queries through query languages; the design of forms and reports; the design and layout of a database; the design and implementation of front-ends; the relational model; protection issues including recovery, concurrency, security, and integrity; distributed database concepts; optimization strategies; storage structures and access methods; and object-oriented databases. Prerequisite: CSCI 112 or 114 and 235. Offered odd years.
Four Credits McFall Fall Semester