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CSCI 481

Senior Project Seminar

**Major Requirement (for B.A. and B.S.)**

Course Description:
This seminar is a course that is required of all senior computer science majors. In here each student designs and completes a major project. This project will involve some research and some implementation based on that research. Also, each project will culminate in both spoken and written presentations. Each project may be done by an individual or in teams.

Also, students in this course explore ethical questions related to computers and the profession of computer science.

Offered each fall semester.

This course is taught by all members of the department.

CSCI 112 or 114, CSCI 235, and senior standing. See the department policy on prerequisites.

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Catalog Description:
Each student will complete a major software or research project, either individually or as a part of a team. Ethical aspects of Computer Science will be discussed. This course is required of all computer science majors. Prerequisites: Computer Science 112 or 114 and 235 and senior standing.
Two Credits Staff Fall Semester