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225 Software Design and Implementation

This course is the starting point for learning how to develop good software. We use the Java programming language to introduce the object-oriented approach to software design, and learn all the basic programming constructs needed to write both simple and complex computer programs.The focus of this course is on projects where you get to put into practice the concepts and techniques that you learn in class. If you do your homework, by the end of the semester you will be a proficient Java programmer!

Offered every semester Computer Science faculty CSCI 114 or equivalent. See the department policy on prerequisites.
  • "Lots of work, but it's worth it."
  • "The introduction to Java and object-oriented programming provided a basis for all of my programming endeavors from here on out."
  • "This class helped me out in learning a more in depth type of programming."
An introduction to the techniques and practices of software design and implementation, including top-down design, object-oriented principles, advanced programming concepts, and the use of software development tools. Students will gain substantial experience with the Java programming language. This course has a laboratory component. Prerequisite: Computer Science 114 or equivalent.
250 Discrete Structures This course is about th mathematics associated with discrete world