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The Computer Science Department faculty spend time both teaching and researching. They devote the major part of their time designing courses, devising effective teaching techniques and assessing these efforts. They have written 2 textbooks in the past 10 years. All faculty members are active researchers who include students in their investigations. In the past 5 years, the faculty in the department have received 10 external grants, published 12 papers and presented their work at 16 conferences.

In addition, Computer Science faculty have an active role mentoring students. Our faculty know their students and take a genuine interest in them. In the past 2 years, Hope CS faculty have directed 20 students in summer research projects, directed 11 students in independent study and research, and advised 60 students.

The faculty also spends time consulting with corporations, educational institutions and other agencies. In the past 10 years, Hope faculty member have consulted with 21 different organizations.

Faculty members:

Picture of Chuck Cusack Chuck Cusack

Associate Professor
PhD in Computer Science from University of Nebraska - Lincoln.
Research in human computing games and algorithms.
Matt DeJongh


PhD in Computer Science from Ohio State University.
Research in bioinformatics and artificial intelligence.

Herb Dershem

PhD in Computer Science from Purdue University. Resesarch in algorithms, theory, and computer science education.

Mike Jipping


PhD in Computer Science from University of Iowa.
Research in handheld computing, computer networks, and parallel computing.

Ryan McFall
Department Chairperson

PhD in Computer Science from Michigan State University.
Research interests in software development practices.



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