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The Hope College Computer Science Department's mission is to provide, with recognized excellence, an environment where students and faculty work together to

  • develop students who are well-versed in the theory, practice, and application of algorithmic computing, and become effective practitioners of the techniques and tools of computer programming
  • contribute to the body of knowledge of computer science through investigation and scholarship involving the discipline and teaching of the field
  • advance the mission of Hope College

The Hope College Computer Science department is recognized nationally for its programs in computer science, particularly its active research program, which has served as a model for many liberal arts colleges.  Graduates of the program are highly sought after, and have continued on to successful careers with employers in a diverse range of industries.  Recent graduates have joined such nationally known companies as Microsoft, Adobe, and Amazon.com, as well as local companies like Lean Logistics, Gordon Food Service and Herman Miller.  Many graduates have continued their education by completing masters or doctoral degrees and joined research labs or academia. 

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in Computer Science are offered, as well as a Computer Engineering emphasis within the Engineering department.  Students pursuing these degrees are taught and mentored by a caring faculty who are actively engaged in teaching and scholarship.  Due to the dynamic nature of the computer science field, the focus in the department is on learning how to understand and use new technologies and techniques, rather than on the use of specific tools or languages.  State of the art computing facilities are provided to support student learning.

In order to accomplish the goal of preparing students to be effective lifelong learners, the department offers a flexible and up-to-date curriculum.  Courses offered are constantly changing in response to rapid advances in technology, while remaining grounded in the foundational topics recognized as the core of Computer Science.  In addition to course work, students are provided opportunities to learn through research, through both internal and external programs.  These experiences allow students to grapple with problems whose solutions are as yet unknown, and to participate in the generation and dissemination of new knowledge.  Complementing these research experiences are internships, frequently completed during the summer but also available during the academic year.