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10. Labs have the latest hardware and software. All equipment is replaced on a 3 to 4 year cycle.

9. Faculty are excited about Computer Science. Our department has a great mix of young and experienced faculty (all with Ph.D.'s) who love computer science.

8. Students do research with faculty. Our summer program (one of 17 in the nation) supports 8-12 paid undergraduate researchers. Students publish and present their award-winning work at national conferences.

7. Professors know your name. The faculty takes a personal interest in their. students and serve as their mentors. Hope has no graduate students, so the faculty depnd on undergraduates to assist in the scholarship. Class sizes are limited to 20.

6. Professors are active. Each faculty member has an active research program and does outside consulting.

5. Hot subjects! Students can take courses and do research in hot areas of computer science such as mobile computing, wireless networks, web searching techniques, bioinformatics, e-books, and cryptography.

4. You can work and receive credit. Internships are encouraged and supported by the department. You can make money and receive credit, but most importantly gain valuable experience.

3. Graduate schools and employers like our graduates. Hope graduates in CS are offered prestigious graduate school positios and exciting jobs with excellent salaries.

2. There's room for you. There are many different people with many different interests in our department. We investigate many different topics in our courses and you can also pursue your own interests through independent studies.

1. It's fun! Computers, programming, algorithms, and problem solving can be a whole lot of fun. In our department, the faculty all enjoy computer science and want to pass that joy onto their students.