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Welcome to the Computer Science department! We are glad that you are interested in our department! Hope College is an exciting place to study computer science. Our department strives to provide an environment where students are challenged and stretched to become the best students of computer science they can be. Hope's small class sizes, hands-on learning environment and individual attention available to students encourages students to get to know their professors.

What do Computer Science students do while they are at Hope?

Course Work

Our department offers a full computer science program, comparable to offerings at many larger schools.  The curriculum is based on the ACM/IEEE curriculum recommendations. Students have a lot of flexibility in the courses that they take, so that they can tailor their program to their interests.  Students often take advantage of that flexibility to double major, with recent students having additional majors in such fields as Chemistry, Communications, Engineering, Japanese and Theater.

Recognizing the rapidly changing nature of our discipline, we also offer advanced topics courses that allow students to gain exposure to new technologies.  Examples include courses in Web 2.0 programming, computer security, tablet PC programming and cryptography.

The programming languages used in our courses include Java, C++, C#, SQL and many others. Students gain extensive experience learning how to adapt their knowledge of these languages to others, a critical skill in this dynamic field. Many of the projects completed for our courses are done in teams, helping students learn how to work in collaborative environments.

Students at Hope complete more than just technical courses - the liberal arts component of a Hope College education is a great complement to a computer science degree, because employers are interested not only in your technical skills, but also in students who have excellent problem-solving, communication and teamwork abilities.

Research Experiences

Hope College is a national leader in undergraduate research, and this includes the computer science program. Students are given the opportunity to participate with faculty on their research, and those students who don't pursue research still benefit from the way faculty members bring their research and other professional experience into the classroom environment.

The summer research program at Hope builds upon the knowledge students gain as part of their course work, allowing them to work closely with a faculty mentor to develop solutions to problems no one has solved before.  This work frequently leads to students traveling to conferences to present their work, as well as publishing papers in peer reviewed journals.  Information on our research program, including current and past research projects, can be found at here.


Students can take advantage of our internship program to gain experience while they complete their studies.  Hope's computer science students are in demand at companies such as Steelcase, Priority Health, Gordon Foods and Lean Logistics.  Many students who complete an internship find it to be a great springboard to a career after graduation.