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Each student has file space available on a file server named torque3. This space is available from all computers on campus, and is backed up on a regular basis. It is therefore a good idea to store your files there, so that you don't have to worry about losing all your important files on that flash drive that you dropped on the way to class!

  • On Campus
  • Off Campus


  • Windows 8 (VZN 142) or 10 (Campus labs):
    Click on the Start button, and type computer. Then right-click on This PC.

    Windows 7 (VWF 115):
    Click on the Start button and then right-click on Computer.
  • Choose Map Network Drive
  • For the folder, enter \\\username, where username is your Vanderplex (and also 1Hope) username. Note that these are back slashes, typically located above the Enter key.

    You can choose any drive you want; when in VWF 115, the drive is H: (for home directory), so you may want to choose that for consistency.
  • When prompted, enter your Vanderplex user name and password.

Some cottages are not technically on the campus network (see this page for information, wireless cottages are on SBC's network). This means you'll need to follow the instructions for accessing files from off campus.


  • Click the Finder icon in the Dock
  • Choose Connect to Server from the Go menu
  • In the address field of the Connect to Server dialog, enter smb://, where username is your vanderplex (also 1Hope) username.
  • When prompted, enter your vanderplex user name and password.

Most Internet Service Providers block access to the SMB protocol used to store files on torque3, so "mounting" the server directly will not work. There are still ways to access your files, however, using the SCP (secure copy) protocol.

Mac and Linux

Most versions of the MacOS and Linux have an scp client pre-installed. To use them, you'll need to open a terminal window and execute commands similar to the following:

To copy a file from torque3 to your computer:

scp /home/you-local/

where you-vanderplex is your vanderplex username and you-local is the username you use to log on to your Mac or Linux machine. For example, for a local user named ericka,

scp /home/ericka/Documents/csci225/

would copy the file from the folder /home/stu.dent/csci225 into the csci225 sub-folder of the student's Documents folder.

To copy a file from your computer to torque3:

scp /home/ericka/Documents/csci225/


Windows does not come with a built-in SCP client. However, you can download WinSCP, which provides a graphical user interface much like Windows Explorer to help you move files back and forth between and your Windows computer. You should be able to find WinSCP by searching for it on Google.