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In addition to taking computer science courses, it is beneficial for students to take courses from other departments. While your technical skills are important and will be necessary for you to succeed once you leave hope, these other skills are at least as important as your technical skills. Employers are looking for well-rounded students (that's one of the reasons you are at Hope, right?), and so taking one or more of these courses will definitely help you become better prepared for life after Hope.

Writing and other communication skills

English 214 - Workplace writing
A course designed to further the student's ability to write the types of expository prose appropriate to business, business administration, and techical fields
Communications 140 - Public Presentations
This course introduces students to the theory and practice of public speaking. Topics covered include audience analysis, methods of organizing a speech, the types and uses of supporting material, and the effective use of visual aids. Students will learn how to write and deliver effective informative, persuasive and ceremonial speeches

Business Courses

Accounting 222 - Managerial accounting for Managers

The study of accounting information as used to assist in managerial decision making. Topics include break-even analysis, manufacturing cost control, product pricing, cost-volume-profit analysis, and other uses of accounting data internally by managers in directing and controlling organizations. Course includes lecture and discussion. Note: no prerequisites.

The objective of the course is to teach managers how to use financial and non-financial data to make decisions. A variety of business models will be studied including nonprofit, retail and wholesale, service and healthcare and manufacturing organizations.