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Summer Academy Programs for Middle School Students

New for 2014!

Eager to get hands-on experience in science? Interested in exploring science in more depth? See the detailed descriptions below.

--------Sports and Math!------------Everest Trek!----------Lunar Missions!------------------Comics and Cartooning!------CSI!---

Camps based on grade you will enter in the fall.
Grant scholarships may be available for those with financial need. Contact us below with queries.

Rising 9th Grader? See our high school camps here.

Full Day Academies

Everest Trek (grades 6-8)
June 9-13, 2014
: 9am - 3pm
Calling all adventurers – imagine yourself hiking Mt. Everest. You’ll face challenges of testing your equipment to make sure they’ll survive the tough conditions, encounter unexpected terrain and design solutions around them. Apply your math and science skills to these fun design challenges.
$250 Lunch included - Register here.

Mathlete Camp (grades 9-12)
June 23-27, 2014
: 9am - 1pm
Enjoy playing sports? Enjoy math? This unique camp will explore the understanding of math through playing active sports.
$80 Lunch included - Register by emailing csi@hope.edu
Flyer available here.

Half Day Camps
Offered through Hope College Science Camps
Register here

Art 2D & 3D II  - ALL NEW (grades 6-8)
June 16-20 : 9am - noon
This camp takes old favorites and combines them with new projects while exploring the elements and principles of 2D and 3D art through the mediums of watercolor, graphite, colored pencils, wood, clay and metals.

VideoGame Making (grades 6-9)
June 16-19 : 1pm - 4:30pm

Learn to design and modify your own exciting arcade-style games...control characters, objects and outcomes as you increase the difficulty level and add features. (Not Mac compatible). Bring a 1GB flash drive or buy one at camp $10.

Classic Cartooning (grades 6-9)
A Googenius Camp

June 23-27 : 9am - noon
Learn the basics of cartoon strip and panel development. Create characters, add expressions and learn inking techniques. A treasury will be assembled at the end of the class. Returnees will be challenged.

Comics, Manga & Graphic Novels (grades 6-9)
A Googenius Camp 

June 23-27 : 1pm - 4pm
Hone your graphic story telling skills and create a collective graphic novel. Comic book, manga and basic graphic novel illustrations highlighted.  Returnees welcome for more advanced exercises and a final project.

CSI (grades 6-7)
June 30-July 3 : 9am - noon
How do modern day detectives put the pieces of crime scene puzzles together? Find out the tricks and high-tech gadgets used as you solve an all-new crime.  Topics covered are:  Fingerprinting, DNA analysis, blood typing and more.

Robotech NXT (grades 6-8)
July 21-24
: 1pm -4:30pm
This Lego camp will use the NXT system to challenge your teamwork and creativity. More complex tasks will take your robotic skills higher.

Lunar Mission Control – ALL NEW (grades 7-9)
July 21-24
: 1pm - 4:30pm
Your engineering company has just won the contract with NASA to manage and prepare for the next lunar mission.  Work within a budget to design lunar habitats, select appropriate instruments, build models and prepare a presentation to sell your ideas to NASA.

View Summer Academy Flyer Here!

Grant scholarships may be available for those with financial need. Contact us below with queries.

Email Susan Ipri Brown at csi@hope.edu with any questions.

Thanks to Hope College Howard Hughes Medical Institute Program, Heronwood Nature Station at the Kalamazoo Nature Center, the Outdoor Discovery Center, the Michigan Space Grant Consortium and the Michigan chapter of the Amerian Physical Society for their generous support of scholarships for these academies!