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Join us for an Incredible Journey


Each fall, monarch butterflies from the U.S. and Canada begin a 2,000 mile migration to Mexico. The following spring, their great grandchildren return.  This summer, for the first time, an exciting opportunity for teachers is coming to Michigan.



'Teaching and Learning With Monarch Butterflies'
a two-day teacher workshop combining classroom and field experiences

Heronwood Field Station - Kalamazoo Nature Center
Pre-K through 12th grade educators can teach essential skills in literacy, math, science, geography, technology, Spanish, the arts and social studies… through the captivating story of monarchs.  Teachers complete the workshop with all the materials they need to bring this exciting and dynamic subject into their classrooms.

Workshops are taught by a team of experienced classroom teachers and educators. Participants are provided with the knowledge, skills, materials and confidence to raise monarchs in the classroom and create an outstanding learning experience for their students.  Workshop graduates can apply for $200-$800 MTN fellowship awards to participate in one week tours of Mexico or California where we visit the over-wintering colonies of Monarchs and explore local Mexican culture in the state of Michoacán or other animal migrations and old growth forests of California (as well as the literary connections of John Steinbeck).

Each participant receives:

  • Hands-on instruction by experienced teachers;
  • Rearing cages, books, posters, DVDs and other essential materials;
  • Strategies for butterfly gardens and “Monarch Parades”;
  • Inquiry-based science activities for all abilities;
  • Activities for Mexican/pre-Hispanic culture, history and Spanish language;
  • Activities for language arts, math, social studies, drama, and fine arts;
  • Distance learning projects with schools in Canada/Mexico/California;
  • Proven models for engaging community support;
  • Post-workshop on-going support.


Upon completion, Michigan State Continuing Education Clock Hours will be awarded.
Workshop runs 8am - 4pm

Heronwood Field Station - 6378 Hart Dr. - Kalamazoo, Michigan

*A limited number of beds are available at nearby Western Michigan University for participants. Email csi@hope.edu if you may need one. Cost around $20/night.

$99 payable upon acceptance to workshop
For more information visit www.MonarchTeacherNetwork.org


For more information about the workshop visit www.MonarchTeacherNetwork.org or email or call: bhayes@eirc.org  856-582-7000 X110



Text Box: Photo credit: Mike Aporius      Winnipeg Free Press



    • “This was the most awesome learning experience in my 30 years of teaching.

    • “Thank you for all the insights - reflecting on our way of life and how to make a difference.”
    • “Everyone’s commitment, dedication, energy and obvious passion for this project are outstanding and contagious … wonderful ambassadors for the planet Earth!”
    • “What a magical place the classroom will be!  I can’t wait to try to connect kids even more to the environment.”
    • “I have never had monarchs in my classroom and now I am excited to start this new amazing classroom activity!      I feel fully equipped to start this new hands-on adventure!”