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Hope CSI: Classroom Resources

We have developed a spreadsheet of several resources that teachers might find helpful in their classrooms. These resources include texts, websites and applets (available on the web) that have been aligned with the MI High School Content Expectations for Physics as well as by the suggested Teaching Units (and some Chemistry content where applicable).

All column headings have a filter arrow where you may select the criteria to organize the spreadsheet. For example, if you are looking for resources for expectation P3.3, go to the "Content Statement" column and select "P3.3" to see the resources associated with that statement. You can also search by topic, so if you would like to see activities related to Newton's Third Law, select it from the pull down arrow at the top of the "Topic" column.

This spreadsheet is constantly being updated, so be sure to check back often. Also, if you have any suggestions for additions or changes to the spreadsheet, please submit them here.

This a sample screen shot of the spreadsheet. Click on it to access the actual spreadsheet.

Classroom activities screen sample

Curriculum Lending Library

We also offer a library of books available for loan for your classroom! Some of these texts may be helpful with background information on a certain topic and several offer inquiry based lesson plans with unique and easy ideas for in-class activities. Sign up to request a resource.