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Hope CSI: Teacher Resources

There are several resources for professional development and possible classroom funding available, sometimes it's just hard to find them. This Teacher Resource spreadsheet lists several opportunities for funding, proposal writing help and available professional development workshops (some of which are FREE!). When you download the spreadsheet, you will notice pull down arrows at each column header which can be used to sort by whatever you are interested in finding. If you'd like to see funding opportunities, go to the "Type of Resource" column and select "funding." See a screen shot of the spreadsheet here.

Please check out Michigan LearnPort which offers FREE online professional development courses, specifically for Michigan educators. The program was developed by the Michigan Department of Education and Michigan Virtual University. Courses are offered in science, math, language arts and social studies aimed at the needs of high school teachers. Free guest memberships are now available!


Curriculum Lending Library

We also offer a library of books available for loan for your classroom! Some of these texts may be helpful with background information on a certain topic and several offer inquiry based lesson plans with unique and easy ideas for in-class activities. Sign up to request a resource.


We welcome any comments regarding changes or additions that should be made to this resource. Please submit them here.

Sample screen shot of the Teacher Resources spreadsheet:

Teacher Resources sample view