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Pre-Service STEM Teacher Programs

Science Education Scholars

Though the May and summer terms, students will study math and science education methods, then apply them within K-12 student summer programs. Pre-service teachers will start by attending an Inquiry-based STEM Curriculum and Methods course which will be offered as a May term course.  The course will meet the requirements of the secondary education Science and Math curriculum and methods course but will have an additional educational research component.  Students in this course will develop curricular materials that will be utilized in an Out of School Time (OST) summer program.  They will also design an education research study that can be used in the OST program that uses the materials they develop as a part of the STEM education course requirements.

All students enrolled in the course will be encouraged to apply to become a lead instructor in the HSSC or the Academy program.  If accepted, they will be paid to teach in the camp program as a lead camp instructor.  They may also apply for HHMI support to carry out their education research project.  This will allow them to have a reduced instructional load in the HSSC program while they carry out their research. 

Interested students should register for the May course or contact explore@hope.edu.