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Policy on Racial and Ethnic Harassment

The Policy Statement on Racial Harassment shall be interpreted in its broadest sense, and not specifically limited to an exhaustive list of situations. The policy shall also be interpreted in light of Hope College's commitment to the principle of academic freedom.

  1. No member of the Hope College community shall engage in discriminatory remarks or behavior made directly or indirectly toward an individual or group due to their race, ethnicity, or culture.
  2. No member of the Hope College community shall engage in intimidating, hostile, humiliating, or demeaning remarks or actions based on race, ethnicity, or culture which, whether intentional or unintentional, interfere with or threaten an individual's or group's participation in the life of the College, including academic or extra-curricular activities. This may include actions or public displays of material that serve no scholarly, artistic, or educational purpose.
Examples of Harassment

1. Racial epithets

2. Derogatory comments, jokes, or ridicule directed to a specific person or persons

3. Threats or actual violence based upon the race or ethnicity or culture of the victim

4. Defacement of property based upon the race, ethnicity or culture of the owner.

5. Remarks or conduct based on race, ethnicity, or culture, even if not directed at a specific person or persons, which unreasonably affects the ability or persons to participate in college programs

What to Do
  • Talk to someone as soon as possible
  • Don't brush it off
  • Write down what happened as quickly as possible
  • Review the Hope College Policy on Racial and Ethnic Harassment
  • Address the incident right away


LINKS to the Policy Statement on Racial and Ethnic Harassment and Grievance Procedures:

Flow Chart

Full Policy

Student Judicial Procedures in Student Handbook


When harassment occurs and has the potential to harm the campus community, judicial procedures are put into place as indicated in the Hope College Student Handbook - Student Judicial Procedures.
Sanctions imposed will depend upon the gravity of each situation and the results of the full grievance process, through which all parties will be heard. The procedure and possible sanctions are listed on pages 39-44 of the Student Handbook.
Whom to Call

Alfredo Gonzales 616.395.7080
Associate Provost and Dean for International & Multicultural Ed

Vanessa Greene 616.395.7867
Director of Multicultural Education

Amy Otis-DeGrau 616.395.7605
Director of International Education

Richard Frost 616.395.7800
VP Student Development and Dean of Students

Lori Mulder 616.395.7811
Director of Human Resources

John Jobson 616.395.7800
Associate Dean of Students, Director of Residential Life and Housing

Campus Ministries 616.395.7145

Counseling Center 616.395.7945

Campus Safety 616.395.7770

Off Campus:

Michigan Dept of Civil Rights
E-mail the MDCR:
MDCR Website:

Holland Human Relations Commission
E-mail the HRC: hrc@city of

Holland Police Department
E-mail the Police Dept :
Holland Police


Hope College Racial Policy Advocates
Advocates are here to assist any person who has experienced harassment and any person who has been accused of harassment or is involved in the judicial procedures or a grievance process in any way. The following people have been appointed to serve in this role starting July 1st 2014 and ending June 30th 2016.


Miguel Abrahantes
Engineering Department

Steven Bouma-Prediger
Religion Department

Brian Coyle
Music Department

Mary Inman
Psychology Department

John Jobson
Student Development

Tracey Nally
Office of Sponsored Research

Sonja Trent-Brown
Psychology Department




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