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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Dining Service Office Hours?

The Dining Office staff is available for questions or concerns during the following hours:

Sunday; 4pm – 7pm

Monday – Thursday; 8am – 7pm

Friday; 8am – 6:30 pm

Saturday; 4pm – 6:15pm

How do I change my meal plan?

Meal plan changes may be made during the first week of classes during the fall or spring semesters. Meal plans may not be changed during the semester. All changes may be made in Business Services located in the Anderson/Werkman Financial Center at 100 East 8th

What do I do if I lost my ID card?

• If you have lost or misplaced your ID, please visit Campus Safety; 178 East 11th issue you a new ID Card for a fee of $20.

• If your card is not working please bring your card to Campus Safety and a new card will be issued for no charge.

• Until your ID Card is either found or replaced, a $5.00 deposit will be collected in the Dining Office

each day your card is missing. Once your card is replaced, please visit the Dining Services Office within seven (7) days to receive your deposit back.

How do I redeem my guest passes?

If you are on a meal plan you are assigned guest passes on your ID. Just let the hostess know when you enter the Phelps or Cook and they will deduct the meal from your ID.

What are Dutch Dollars?

Dutch Dollars is a declining balance on your student ID and may be used in Phelps and Cook and any retail location. It is a fast and secure way to pay for meals or extra snacks.

Money may be added to your Dutch Dollars Balance one of the three ways:

• account

• Contact Business Services and have it added to your student account

• Drop a check at the Kletz or Dining Service Office.

When using Dutch Dollars at the Kletz, you save 10% on all of your purchases.

Dutch Dollar rates in the dining rooms are the current cash line rates:

• Breakfast: $7.00

• Lunch: $10.00

• Dinner: $15.00

Dutch Dollars balance will be held over from semester to semester until you graduate. Upon graduation, the money may be refunded to you upon request.