Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What time can I get into the chapel on the day of my wedding?

A - You are able to have access to the chapel at the beginning time stated on your contract. If you contracted the chapel from 4-8p, you are able to get into the chapel at 4pm.

Q - Is the sound system to which we have access the same system they use for Chapel services?

A - No, the house system is located in the balcony of the chapel. The system is not as extensive, but will meet the needs of a Wedding ceremony.

Q - When can my florist get into the chapel, and is there a cool place for the florist to leave flowers before the ceremony?

A - Florists are able to have access to the chapel at the same time the wedding party has access. There is not an air-conditioned room in the chapel to keep flowers cool, however placing the flowers in a room in the basement with a fan works very well.

Q - What furniture does the college provide?

A - Hope can supply a rosewood table for the unity candle, a lecturn or podium for readers, musician chairs and stands, and tables for placement of a guest book or programs in the narthex. Hope does not provide the necessary materials for communion.