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Costs at Hope College

Standard Costs for 2015-2016

Your expenses include both billable and non-billable costs. Billable costs are those charges you see on your bills from Hope College.

The standard billable costs for the 2015-2016 award year are as follows:

Tuition (fulltime):



(based on 12-16 hrs/semester)

Activity Fee:




On Campus Room:



(standard double occupancy)

On Campus Board:



(21 meal plan)





Non-billable costs are those expenses that do not appear on your Hope billing statement. The following are estimates for non-billable costs related to the purchase of books and supplies, personal expenses, travel, and housing for students living off-campus. Your actual costs will vary from student to student.

For Michigan Residents:


For Non-Michigan Residents:


Off-Campus Commuter Students:


Part-Time Tuition Charges for 2015-2016

Should you choose to enroll less than fulltime (fewer than 12 hours), your tuition charges are as follows:

  • 9 through 11 credit hours per semester: $1,110 per credit hour
  • 5 through 8 credit hours per semester: $795 per credit hour
  • 1 through 4 credit hours per semester: $475 per credit hour

Should you enroll for more than 16 hours during a semester, you will be charged an additional $475 for every additional credit hour.

For complete cost information including May, June, and July  click here.