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Student Employment Opportunities

General Information

Throughout the academic year, those students with Federal Work Study awards included as a part of their financial aid package will be given highest priority in on-campus job placement. Students must be enrolled at least halftime (6 or more hours per semester) to qualify. The average workload is nine to ten hours per week.

Students are paid directly for hours worked on a bi-weekly basis and it is the responsibility of the student to make payments toward any outstanding balance on his/her account if necessary. If you choose to apply all or part of your pay check to the balance remaining on your account, complete and submit the payroll deduction form to the Human Resources Office located on the second floor of the Anderson/Werkman building, 100 East 8th Street.

To Work or Not to Work

  • Studies have shown that students who have part-time jobs budget their time more effectively and earn higher grades than students who do not work.
  • Working to cover a portion of school expenses can reduce your reliance on loans, ensuring that your monthly loan repayments will be smaller after graduation.
  • College graduates often find that their student work experience gives them a strong advantage in a very competitive job market.
  • Earnings under the Federal Work Study (FWS) program can be excluded from your reported income when you apply for financial aid for the following year.

How to Apply for Student Jobs

The college offices post on-campus job openings to the Student Employment website. Interested students must review the postings and contact the hiring department for an interview. If hired, students must complete paperwork with the Human Resources Office (100 E. 8th Street). No student may begin working on campus until they have completed all necessary paperwork with Human Resources.

The Student Employment Office mails invitations to the Job Fair that takes place at the beginning of the fall semester. Only students holding a Federal Work Study award may attend the Job Fair.

The Student Employment Office also maintains a listing of Off-Campus jobs.

Student Employee Payroll Dates