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Enrolling Less Than Full Time

If enrolling for less than 12 credits per semester, students may be eligible for some types of financial aid depending on the number of credits taken and demonstrated need. Students enrolling less than full-time should notify the Office of Financial Aid as soon as possible to have their awards adjusted accordingly. The OFA checks enrollment after the drop/add deadline each semester and adjusts aid if necessary. Prorated awards (excluding Hope Merit Scholarships and other programs specifying full time enrollment) generally provide for 1/2 of the award amount for enrollment of 6 to 8 credits and 3/4 of the award amount for enrollment of 9 to 11 credits.

Possible types of assistance for students enrolled between 6 and 11 credits (half or three-quarter time enrollment) are prorated Federal Pell Grant, Federal SEOG, Michigan Competitive Scholarship/Tuition Grant, Federal Perkins Loans, and Federal Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans. Part time students also may apply for private educational loans.

Students taking between 1 and 5 credits are enrolled less than half-time and only may be considered for the a prorated Federal Pell Grant, Federal TEACH Grant and some private educational loans.

Pell Grant, Michigan Competitive Scholarship/Tuition Grant awards, and TEACH Grants are prorated according to the level of enrollment in relationship to the full time award. For example, if the annual full time Federal Pell Grant award is $2000, the half-time prorated annual award is $1000, or $1500 for three-quarter time enrollment. (The Pell Grant standard proration amount does not hold if enrolled less than half-time based on the federal Pell Grant award formula.)

Half and three quarter time students may receive a prorated Federal SEOG award from if Pell Grant eligible, and/or a prorated Federal Perkins Loan award.

For information about the specific aid programs, click here.