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Off-Campus Study Through Programs Approved By Hope College

Scholarships for off campus study

Studying Off Campus During The Academic Year
Students choosing to enroll in a Hope approved off-campus study program are eligible to receive all of their financial aid (including Hope merit scholarships, awards, need-based grant aid and federal/state aid) for up to two (2) semesters of off-campus study (see possible exceptions noted below). This two semester limit applies to all off-campus study programs, both international (including Queretaro) and domestic (including the Philadelphia Semester or the Washington Semester.)

Note: Hope-approved off-campus programs are those programs in which students are considered enrolled at Hope College and are billed through Hope College

  1. The Hope College Tuition Waiver, the GLCA Tuition Waiver or the Creative Dining Service Scholarship may be used only for the Philadelphia Semester, Liverpool Hope, Meiji Gakuin, the Queretero Program, or the Washington Semester.
  2. Federal Work Study (FWS) funds are not available to you during your off campus semester/year. You may want to consider applying for additional loan funds to cover the loss of this work resource if you were awarded FWS.
  3. Hope merit scholarships include those scholarships awarded to you through the Admissions Office as an incoming student. Also included are National Merit Scholarships and Distinguished Artist Awards.
  4. The Alumni Tuition Discount and the S-STEM Project Scholarships cannot be used for any off-campus study program.

If you need assistance in addition to the financial aid you are currently receiving, you may be eligible to apply for additional loan funds.

Contact the Office of Financial aid should you have any questions about the transferability of your financial aid to any off-campus program.

Refer to SUMMER AID programs.