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Paying Your Bill

Want to check your balance? > Business Services

Billing Statements

Business Services sends monthly email notices of bills to the student's Hope email account. The statements include charges to date and financial aid credits for the semester(s) covered. The billing statements in July through November include charges and credits for the fall semester. Those issued December through April reflect charges and credits for the full academic year.

Disbursement of Aid

  • On-campus employment earnings are not credited directly to your account. You receive a pay check every two weeks for hours worked. If you want to apply all or part of your pay check to your account, complete and submit the payroll deduction form to the Human Resources Office.
  • An outside scholarship or other award is not applied to your account until Business Services receives the check. Half of the amount will be applied to the fall semester with the remaining half applied to the spring semester unless the donor stipulates it as one of two payments.
  • Other finalized financial aid awards pay to your account as indicated on your award letter; typically one half of an award is credited to the fall semester the other to the spring semester.

Some kinds of aid may not credit your account until the Office of Financial Aid receives proper verification and/or other required materials. Examples are promissory notes and entrance counseling for loans, verification documents, or corrected FAFSA records. These funds temporarily appear as expected payments on the bill.

Refunds of credit balances on account must be requested by email to overbeek@hope.edu. Students who are recipients of a Parent Plus Loan can request a refund but the check will be issued to the parent responsible for the loan.

Payment Plans may be set up through the electronic billing process. Contact Business Services for more information.

Accepted Forms of Payment
Hope College accepts cash, check, credit cards and electronic funds transfer for payment. For more information contact Business Services at 616-395-7810.