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Student Profile: David Paul ’10

David Paul has dreamed of becoming a doctor for years. In order to achieve his dream, he knew he would have to attend an undergraduate school with a high-quality science program. After visiting Hope during his senior year of high school, David developed an appreciation for other aspects of the college in addition to its outstanding reputation in the sciences.

“When I first visited Hope, I immediately recognized how open and friendly the community was. I was further drawn in by the deep conversations I had as a prospective student with faculty members and staff,” David says. “It was then that I realized coming to Hope would bring me one step closer to realizing my dream of becoming a doctor.”

David is continually reminded of Hope’s community during his day-to-day activities. “I have thoroughly enjoyed building lasting relationships with people while getting involved on campus,” he says. “Hope is small enough that it is easy to establish networks and to develop lasting friendships.”

“Moreover, both the students and faculty seem to possess a sense of community that promotes lively conversation—in residence hall gatherings, dinners at professors’ homes, and small-group Bible studies,” David says. “All of these activities have helped me develop a sense of who I am within the community.”

Along with enjoying Hope’s community, David has also developed his skill in chemistry, not only in the classroom, but out in the world as well. He conducted research at Hope for two consecutive summers before interning at the Scripps Research Institute in LaJolla, Calif. David joined his faculty advisor, Dr. Brent Krueger, during the internship. David has continually been impressed with faculty members’ desire to help students learn outside of the classroom.

“Faculty members work hard to challenge the way students think about chemistry. In the meantime, they also help us apply our knowledge to real research problems,” he says.

David’s involvement with the college has also been well rounded, as he has been active with the Phelps Scholars Program, multicultural education, and residential life, among others. He also served as the college’s Student Congress president during the 2008-09 school year. David’s work with Student Congress has improved his leadership capabilities, while also allowing him to serve the greater community.

“Involvement in campus governance has played a large role in how I view leadership,” he says. “The simple act of listening to fellow students and bringing their concerns to the administration has helped me let God’s light shine in my life by serving others.”

This profile was written by Christopher M. Lewis, a 2009 Hope College graduate from Troy, Mich., for the 2009-2010 Hope College Catalog.

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