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Staff Profile: Sara DeVries
Assistant Director of Career Services

Sara DeVries, assistant director of Hope College’s Office of Career Services, loves the interaction she experiences through her job.

“Much of Hope is about relationships. It’s about individual stories and individual contributions. People who come here are going to be known for who they are.”

The emphasis on people, she feels, shows in the type of education Hope provides. Because Hope is a liberal arts school, she says, the college “helps prepare for a life of continual transition and helps shape your character in a way that students are grounded throughout those transitions with a sense of who they are and making moves that are purposefully beneficial for our world and for the kingdom of God.”

The Office of Career Services offers many resources to help underclassmen, upperclassmen and even alumni discover who they are and develop their gifts in the workforce. The office’s services include sophomore interviews, personality assessments, help establishing contacts with business professionals, and even assistance in writing a solid resume.

About her role, DeVries says, “What I do is help students to gain some experience in the field that interests them.” With the many contacts that Hope has established throughout the years, there are numerous opportunities in every field from which to gain experience.

“Most professionals are eager for the chance to mentor students who want to learn about what they particularly would like to do,” DeVries says. “I get to look for some of these professionals who really would like to give back and mentor people and generations behind them, either for an internship, or a job shadow, or just a one-time conversation.”

More than just an employee of Hope College, DeVries is also a member of the community of Holland. In the past she lived in a big city, so she was curious as to the level of cultural opportunities Holland might provide. Reflecting on her initial thoughts, she smiles and says, “I have been so busy that I can’t take advantage of all the opportunities that there are. If you’re looking for it, it’s there in abundance.”

With 775 appointments per year, DeVries has the opportunity to interact with many Hope students. Although each is strikingly different, she has found that they share certain traits.

“Hope students are looking for a chance to make a contribution to the world. They are looking for a challenge and an adventure. They’re very loyal to family and friends, to a belief system,” she said. “I think that most Hope students have a desire to explore new ideas and concepts that is almost contagious.”

This profile was written by Bethany A. Katerberg, a Hope College senior from Grand Rapids, Mich., for the 2006-07 Hope College Catalog.

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