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What is CFL Student Consulting? Click here for a short video.

SummaryStudents apply to be Consulting Associates” on our CFL Consulting Team through a rigorous interview process and, if accepted, attend “boot camp” before being assigned to a project team.  Students then work with coaches and advisers on complex problems for real companies.  They not only have significant impact on the community, they also learn how to network, gain practical leadership experience, and discover and polish their gifts.  And students grow.

Student Consulting = Students + Professionals + Subject Area Specialists + Hope

The Center’s Student Consulting program employs creative students from multiple disciplines to take a fresh look at pressing organizational and societal needs. They are youthful, idealistic, and their glass is always half-full. They operate outside the box.

Not only will the students bring fresh energy to problems that many have grown tired of, but a support team of subject matter experts will also help these students provide innovative thinking to the challenges they face.

Recent and On-going Consulting Projects:

Non-Profit Projects:

  • Food Pantry Cooperative
  • Christian Summer Camp
  • Land for Ministry
  • Children’s Museum
  • Tutoring Program
  • Safety Net for People
  • Financial Literacy Program for Children
  • Regional Foster Care Organization (Texas)
  • Retail Store Relocation

For Profit Projects:

  • Data Sources and Market Sizing for Furniture Industry
  • Integrated Marketing Plan for Trucking Company

The Center’s Student Consulting Project Leaders:

What Clients Say

  • “Darryl [Bartlett, Executive Director, Holland Rescue Mission] and I have both been so pleased and blessed to see how the students have taken ownership of the problem of the Gap Population. We were impressed with all the hard work that was done, and with just how far things have come.” — Janet Ewing, Rock Urban Youth and Family Hope Ministries Director, Holland Rescue Mission

What Students Say

  • “The Center has given me tools for life and business that most internships cannot offer. The great concept behind the Student Consulting Program is that the students run the organization but we also team and learn from business professionals.” —Maria Kotman
  • “The Center has given me real world experience. Six months ago, I never imagined I would be contracting to create a communication system for a collaborative food pantry network. Not only do I get real world experience, but I’m helping those in need receive food more effectively and efficiently.” — Jacob Rollenhagen
  • “This project is helping solidify a foundation of knowledge and experience for my future career. Working with K&R has deepened my faith by witnessing the passion and love that Ed brings to his company.” — Zach Wormmeester
  • “I have really enjoyed this experience. It’s really exciting to get the opportunity to actually work on real life projects and feel like our opinions matter and know that our ideas could be put into action in the future.” –Katie Carlson

What Employers Say

“I have recruited all over the United States and I can honestly say the students at Hope that I interviewed and hired are second to none!  The Center’s students’ integrity, ethics and moral compass align with the Dow’s long standing philosophies and attitudes that attract the top performers in the industry.”  — Keith A. Potter, Account Executive, The Dow Chemical Company

“Hope College has created a great environment…, attracting and developing students for the real world. The emphasis on servant leadership, entrepreneurial spirit and the awareness of giving back to our local communities is what I believe stands out the most…. It is these types qualities combined with  a personal touch…that makes Hope students a great fit with our company.” — Pat Dawson, Senior Vice President, The Dow Chemical Company