Library Representatives and Department Liaisons

Each academic department appoints one person from the department to serve as "Library Liaison". This person oversees the development of the library collection in that department or discipline and coordinates the department's budget allocation.

Department Library Representative Phone, E-mail Departmental Liaison
ART Jessica Hronchek x7124, Steve Nelson,
Anne Heath
BIOLOGY Dave O'Brien x7791, Aaron Putzke
CHEMISTRY Dave O'Brien x7791, Beth Anderson
COMMUNICATION Brianne Hagen x7792, Rebecca Johnson
COMPUTER SCIENCE Brian Yost x7492, Charles Cusack
DANCE Jessica Hronchek x7124, Steven Iannacone
ECON/MGT/ACCTG Rachel Bishop x7299, Brian Porter


Todd Wiebe


Kimberly Arsenault
ENGINEERING Dave O'Brien x7791, Miguel Abrahantes
ENGLISH Patrick Morgan x7986, Peter Schakel
GEOLOGY & ENV. SCI. Dave O'Brien x7791, Brian Bodenbender
HISTORY Patrick Morgan x7986, Albert Bell
IDS Kelly Jacobsma x7738, Curtis Gruenler
KINESIOLOGY Gloria Slaughter x7793, Tonia Gruppen
MATHEMATICS Todd Wiebe x7286, Vicki-Lynn Holmes
MOD/CLASSIC. LANG. Patrick Morgan x7986, Brigitte Hamon-Porter
MUSIC Jessica Hronchek x7124, Rob Hodson
NURSING Todd Wiebe x7286, Barbara Vicensi
PHILOSOPHY Patrick Morgan x7986, Joseph LaPorte
PHYSICS Dave O'Brien x7791, Paul De Young
POLITICAL SCIENCE Todd Wiebe x7286, Jack Holmes
PSYCHOLOGY Rachel Bishop x7299, Gwenda Schmidt
RELIGION Patrick Morgan x7986, Wayne Brouwer
SOC/SOCIAL WORK Rachel Bishop x7299, Pamela Koch
THEATRE Jessica Hronchek x7124, Daina Robins
WOMENS STUDIES Todd Wiebe x7286, Priscilla Atkins

Last updated September 2013