About the The David J. Klooster Center for Excellence in Writing

What is the Klooster Center?

The Klooster Center provides a wide range of services to Hope College students, faculty, and staff. Our goal is to help everyone on campus to become a better writer and a more effective researcher. We offer seminars and workshops throughout the year, we point you to resources that can help, and we work with Research Librarians and other college offices to champion the cause of writing and research across the entire campus.

Write a Better Paper -- Become a Better Writer!

We offer individual half-hour sessions with our Writing Assistants; you can stop by anytime during the hours listed to the right, or click on "Make an Appointment." Writing Assistants are highly competent, experienced writers who will read and respond to work in progress -- helping writers to brainstorm topics, to structure their papers, to use resources well, to plan for revision, and to find answers to questions about grammar, style, and documentation formats. Writing Assistants don't just "fix" papers; instead, they help others become better writers.

Where, When, and Who

The Klooster Center is located on the main floor of VanWylen Library, to the right of the Research Help desk. It is open during the hours listed to the right. The Klooster Center is directed by a Hope College professor who is also an active researcher and widely-published author. The current Director is Dr. David Cunningham, Professor of Religion.

KCEW Spring 2016 Hours:

  • Mon-Thurs: 10am - 11pm
  • Fri: 10am - 2pm
  • Sat: By Special Arrangement
  • Sun: Noon - 11pm

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