Van Wylen Library Faculty FAQ

What kinds of instruction and services are available to my students?

    All incoming first-year students complete a library component as part of their First Year Seminar course. Additionally, all English 113 classes include approximately three hours of library instruction, usually in the Library Teaching Lab (LTL)

    Many upper level classes in various disciplines have in-library class sessions for learning more advanced, discipline-specific research. Students are also encouraged to set up appointments with librarians for in-depth consultation.

I want to develop a class assignment that will challenge my students to search for information in thoughtful and creative ways. How can the Library help?

    Faculty are encouraged to share assignments in the planning stage with librarians. Sometimes a brief discussion can help ensure that an assignment is as effective as possible--and students benefit as a result.

    Librarians will also develop web based course guides to help point your students to the most important resources in a specific subject area.

What assistance can the Library provide if I suspect student plagiarism?

    Librarians often can track down plagiarized sources, especially if the original source is available electronically. We work confidentially with faculty and can point you to good sources to use to educate students about plagiarism. If you suspect plagiarism has occured, please contact one of the Reference Librarians.

I want to know what databases are available at Hope College.

    A quick tour of the menu on the Van Wylen Library home page will introduce you to online databases such as FirstSearch, LexisNexis, and HopeCAT. Librarians are happy to show you the variety of resources available.

I want to make some readings available to my entire class. How do I put items on Reserve in the Library?

    Faculty may place many types of items on reserve for their students to use in the library (photocopies of articles, books, videos, sample exams, etc.). The Closed Reserves Request Form (PDF) is available online or at the Reserve Desk (1st floor of the Library). Other information about Reserves can be found at the Reserves Desk Information web page.

The Library does not have some materials I think it should. How do I order them?

    Each academic department appoints one person from the department to serve as the Library Liaison. Orders should be coordinated through this individual. The library liaison oversees the development of the library collection in that department or discipline and coordinates the department's budget allocation. You can find your Liaison on the Departmental Liaisons and Library Representatives page.

Are all the periodicals kept on the first floor display shelves?

    No. The Library subscribes to over 900 periodicals in print and more than 30,000 online. The print periodical collection is arranged by call number and housed according to format: current issues on the first floor display shelves, in microform cabinets on the second floor, and in the stacks. All titles and locations are listed in HopeCAT, the library catalog. Online periodicals are accessible via the E-Journals list.

I want to continue my own research and need access to material not held here. How can I obtain these items?

    Interlibrary Loan Services (ILL) are able to borrow most materials people need from other institutions. Loan requests can be made from the ILL page. Additionally, all full-time, tenure-track faculty in the state of Michigan may borrow materials from both the University of Michigan and Michigan State University free of charge.

    There are several automatic alerting services available. You can have the table of contents of specific journals delivered automatically to you via e-mail. You may also set up subject profiles to be alerted to new articles in your research area. Ask a librarian for details.

How can I request the use of a Faculty Study Carrel?

    The Library offers several faculty studies each year to faculty members who use the space while on sabbatical, conducting research, writing a book or article, etc. Faculty who would like to be considered for a study should contact the Library director, Kelly Jacobsma <> (x7738) or administrative assistant, Patti Carlson <> (x7790). Requests for Spring Semester and May Term may be made in October and November. Requests for Summer and Fall Semesters may be made in March and April.

Who are the Reference / Instruction Librarians?

Who are the Technical Services Librarians?

Who is the Library Director?

Last revised August 20, 2008