Information Literacy at Hope College

The Information Literacy program at Hope College Libraries is designed to prepare students to be effective information seekers and users, both in general and in their disciplines. The General Education curriculum requires that all First Year Seminar (FYS) and English 113 classes receive information literacy instruction, but many other courses with research components can benefit from sessions—in the library, or another learning space—led by librarians.

Key to the success of this program is librarians and classroom faculty collaborating on designing and guiding students through research projects. The most successful sessions are team taught, with both teaching faculty and librarian participating in the instruction. Librarians often create custom tailored library guides to serve as specialized research portals for students enrolled in a particular course.

In addition to class sessions, librarians interact with students at the Research Help Desk, via “askalibrarian” (e-mail and chat), and during individual or group research appointments.

Read more about the types of library and information literacy instruction offered:

Scheduling Instruction with a Librarian

For scheduling a First Year Seminar library session, see the FYS page.

English 113 sections are each assigned a librarian who will contact you before the semester begins.

For other upper level and core courses, please contact any of the Research and Instruction Librarians directly:

Rooms and Learning Spaces in the Library (reserve via the EMS system)

The Granberg Room – seats 27-30; has wireless, but only has one “teacher” computer and a projector.

The Library Teaching Lab – seats 20; has eleven computers, one of which is connected to the projector.

The Rare Book Room – seats 28-30; has wireless and one computer with projector.