Scheduling Instruction with a Librarian

All sections of First Year Seminar and English 113 have one or more scheduled library sessions. Your assigned librarian will work with you to determine effective timing for and content of your students' research education sessions, as well as in developing research assignments. If you are unsure who has been assigned to your FYS or English 113 section, contact Todd Wiebe ( or Rachel Bishop (

Librarians also regularly teach in upper level and other core courses. If you would like to schedule one or more sessions of instruction on using print and/or electronic sources of information, contact one of the librarians listed below.

The Van Wylen Library has two classrooms for research education sessions. The Granberg Room is equipped with a computer and multimedia projector. The Library Teaching Lab provides an excellent opportunity for hands-on learning and is equipped with ten student workstations and a data projector. Because both of these facilities are in high demand, faculty who wish to schedule a research education session should do so several weeks in advance.