posted July 2, 2013

Hope Alumni Make International Connections

In recent weeks there has been a flurry of international activity within Hope's network of 31,000 alumni living in all 50 states and over 80 countries around the world.

The Celtic May Term in Glasgow, the Management May Term in London, the Vienna Summer School in Austria, and both the “Sacred and Profane” Music June Term in England and the Management June Term programs in London have all partnered with the Alumni Association through events, guest lectures and alumni visits.

On June 16, 60 members of the Hope network gathered in London for an evening event combining local alumni, visiting faculty and multiple groups of Hope students studying in the area.

In addition, Hope hosted an event in Shanghai on Friday, June 21 for alumni, current and incoming students and their families, and friends. Over 35 people came out for this first ever alumni gathering in Shanghai. New families were welcomed into the Hope community as the evening affirmed Hope connections and the importance of international education to the mission of the college. A few days later, on Tuesday, June 25, 20 Hope alumni and friends gathered in Seoul, South Korea to celebrate Hope’s connections there.

Some tangible examples of these connections include:

  • Hope parents hosted students and alumni for a dinner in Shanghai where they were able to connect with students from China who are considering attending Hope. 
  • Students met a Hope ’83 management major who works for the U.S. Department of State at the American Embassy in Vienna.
  • Students received career advice from a '97 Hope management major who works for a major British bank in London.
  • A ’06 alumnus flew from Spain to London just for the dinner. A student studying in Spain next year made a connection to visit him.
  • The spouse of a ’61 Hope graduate hosted the Celtic May Term students at Queens College in Belfast, where he delivered a lecture on the Troubles in Northern Ireland and “Peace Building”.
  • An ’85 alumna who lives near Edinburgh took time out of her schedule for the second year to meet with Hope students visiting Scotland.
  • Ten members from five different alumni families from Europe and the U.S. accepted Prof. Hemenway’s invitation to join the Vienna Summer School students for their weekend hike in the Alps.
  • A '57 Hope alumnus, who is professor emeritus at Oxford University and a recipient of the Hope Distinguished Alumni Award (and Order of the British Empire), met with Hope faculty and students at the London dinner.
  • An accomplished musician and Hope ’83 alumnus made a special trip from Zurich to London to meet Prof. Richmond, Prof. Coyle and Hope music students.  

As students, faculty, alumni, parents, friends and prospective students gather for meaningful encounters, these intentional connections leave Hope students with rich experiences and a new understanding of the power of an alumni network around the world. 

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