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Thank you for your consideration of support for Hope Summer Repertory Theatre. 

Hope Theatre Guild

The Hope Theatre Guild supports Hope Summer Repertory Theatre (HSRT) in two ways; to make the company feel welcome in the city of Holland and to support the outreach functions of HSRT, through ticket subsidies, especially for young audiences who cannot afford coming to HSRT. You are invited to be a part of the Guild in one or more of the following ways:

  • Ushering: Assist House Managers by taking tickets and showing patrons to seats. Run concession stands during intermission.
  • Food for Starving Artists/Strike Night Food: Provide snacks at the theatre during rehearsals and strike nights.
  • Guild Store: Work in the Guild store and see the show free that night.
  • Transportation: Pick up from/return artists to airport.
  • Social Media: Pass the word electronically about the great shows at Hope.
  • Supporting Membership: Financially in support of all the above committees.

Members who respond before May 29 will be listed in the 2016 program. 

Hope Theatre Guild membership form

Membership should be sent to:
Hope Theatre Guild
P.O. Box 9000
Holland, MI, 49422-9000

Individual Membership $10.00
Supporting Membership $25.00
Contact Person: Richard Perez

Your dues help support children's particiation in the summer theatre program as well as provide a West Michigan welcome to the HSRT company.


Want to reach over 30,000 people committed to the arts and catch the attention of an audience most advertisers are seeking to reach?
As an advertiser in the HSRT program, your business will benefit from appearing in our 20,000 printed programs, which recirculate into nearly 30,000 pairs of hands throughout the summer. From families and young couples to seasoned theatre veterans, HSRT audience members are clearly willing and able to support the business in the area. We also encourage our audience members to support the advertisers, so any money you spend on advertising will be easily made up in new and continuing sales.

​Business Promoter Program 2016

Advertising Program 2016