Summer Registration

Summer terms include May Term, June Term and July Term. Each term is four weeks long.

Registration for summer terms is available to currently-enrolled, degree-seeking students who are not graduating in May and deposit-paid non-degree-seeking students.

All holds must be resolved before you can register for summer courses, including off-campus programs. Because course content is condensed into four weeks, the maximum number of credits that may be taken in any term is six.

You can search specifically for summer online, on-campus or off-campus courses on the course schedule. After you have selected your desired term, go to the Campus box:

  • For online courses, select “On-Line”
  • For on-campus courses, select “Main Campus”
  • For domestic off-campus courses, select “Domestic Off-Campus”
  • For international off-campus courses, select “Study Abroad/Off-Campus”

To see all subjects, check the “Show all subjects” box.


Currently-enrolled, degree-seeking students who are not graduating in May are sent an email in early February with details about registering for summer online and on-campus courses. Non-degree-seeking students who have paid a deposit for a summer term will be contacted separately by the Registrar’s Office about registration.

  • See a quick list of 2016 online summer courses
  • See the cultural heritage website for summer course descriptions
  • Degree-seeking students register online through KnowHope Plus
  • Non-degree-seeking students register with the Registrar’s Office
  • If you applied to graduate in May and have decided to push back your graduation date so you can take a summer class and apply it to your degree, contact Liz Steenwyk
  • Check the Academic Calendar for registration deadline dates, the last day to withdraw for a 50% refund and the last day to withdraw for no refund
  • Registration for online and on-campus summer terms opens around the middle of February. Registration closes two days after the start of the term.
  • Registration is on a first come, first served basis. There are no wait lists for summer classes.
  • You don’t need permission to add an open course through KnowHope Plus during the registration period.
  • You do need permission to add a closed course, and you can request it via the drop/add process.
  • You do need permission for a Permission Only course, and you can get it from the instructor either via email or permission slip. Bring the permission to the Registrar’s Office so staff can add you to the class.
  • During the summer only — from the end of the spring semester through the middle of August — you may forward all your email permissions for a course to and we will complete a drop/add slip for you and adjust your schedule.
  • You don’t need permission to drop a course through KnowHope Plus, as long as you do it before the registration deadline. After the registration deadline, you can only withdraw for a W grade.
  • Get instructions for registering through KnowHope Plus.


Preparation for off-campus summer programs begins in the fall, with the deposit due in January. A full list of the 2016 off campus programs and course descriptions is available here.

  • The application process begins by contacting the instructor of the program.
  • Participation in on-campus orientation during the spring semester is required.
  • If you have been approved to study in a summer off-campus program and have paid your deposit, your program leader will notify the Registrar’s Office, and staff will register you for the appropriate course(s).
  • An eight-student minimum is required for each program. Should your program be canceled, you will be notified immediately.
  • In order to participate, you must sign a Statement of Responsibility, Release of Liability. This form is available from the instructor.

If you would like your off-campus course to fulfill a requirement other than what is specified on the class schedule, you need to request it with a general education substitution form or a major/minor substitution form.


If you need this course for a July graduation date, all of your work must be completed, graded and on your record by the following October 15.

If you applied to graduate in May and would like to take a summer off-campus course to apply to your degree, talk to Liz Steenwyk about changing your graduation date.

  • Course fee listed in the brochure includes all expenses and airfare, unless noted otherwise. Fees do not include tuition, except Vienna Summer School and IDS 280 in Japan.
  • Tuition rates are announced in late January. Contact the course instructor for final fees.
  • If a program is canceled, all fees, deposits and airfare will be refunded.
  • If you cancel, you may be refunded fees, deposits and airfare, to the extent that the college can receive credit for expenses already incurred.


Course descriptions are available here. More detailed information can be found on the Vienna Summer School website.

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