Policies and Resources

Use these resources to help you navigate the complex issues of student life.  

If you have questions regarding any of the policies and resources listed on this page, please contact our office at 616.395.7800 or sdev@hope.edu.

Student Handbook
The Hope College Student Handbook provides essential information regarding campus life, policies and procedures. The college strives to make our campus a place where members can study, work and live, and where people are treated with respect. Questions regarding the Student Handbook may be directed to the Office of the Dean of Students at 616.395.7800.

Student Handbook
Discrimination Complaint 

The college is currently moving through a policy revision process that will create one policy and one process for managing complaints and concerns about discrimination based on any protected class, including gender, disability, race and ethnicity. Title IX offers protections based on gender discrimination, which includes issues of sexual harassment and sexual misconduct.

While we are in this revision process, if you have a concern or complaint about discrimination of any form, please contact Title IX Coordinator Sara Dorer at 616.395.6818 or dorer@hope.edu. She will help connect you to the appropriate process.

Policy Statement on Sexual Assault or Harassment and Grievance Procedure Policy on Racial and Ethnic Harassment

Missing Person Policy
In accordance with the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008, the College has implemented a Missing Persons Policy to establish procedures to respond to reports of a missing student. Questions regarding the Missing Persons Policy may be directed to Jeff Hertel, director of Campus Safety, at 616.395.7800.

Missing Persons Policy
Emergency Contact Policy
Student safety and wellbeing is very important to the Hope College community. For this reason, we ask that students help us by supplying (and regularly verifiying) emergency contact information. 

Students are strongly encouraged to enter themselves as an emergency contact in order to receive emergency text messages to their cell phones. Questions concerning the Emergency Contact Policy may be directed to the Dean of Students Office at 616.395.7800.

Emergency Contact Policy
Medical Marijuana Policy
In compliance with the Federal Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act, Hope College prohibits all marijuana use, including medical marijuana. Questions about this policy may be directed to the Dean of Students Office at 616.395.7800.

Medical Marijuana Policy
Annual Security Report
Annually, Hope College prepares the “Hope College Campus Security, Safety, and You” report. This report includes a statement of security measures, the annual crime statistics and is in compliance with The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act. Questions about this information may be directed to Sara Dorer, Title IX coordinator, at 616.395.6818.

Hope College Campus Security, Safety, and You