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What to look for in the mail

Housing assignments:

In late May, the housing application can be accessed online. You should fill out the application using the e-mail address you used for your Hope College application. All applications will be due in June. Assignments will be sent out by email in July. If you have not received your housing assignment by August 1, please call the Housing Office at 616-395-7943.

Academic class schedule:

You should receive information in late May to begin the scheduling process. The registration worksheet is due online in June. Information about scheduling is also available via the Registrar’s website. In July, your class schedule for the fall semester will be available through your KnowHope Plus account. You will also receive a mailing from the Registrar that includes information about academic advising.

Please be sure to bring your class schedule with you to orientation.

Orientation Booklet:

The Orientation booklet will be mailed in mid-June, containing all the important information you need to know regarding orientation. You can read up on the various activities and resources available for you and your family during orientation weekend.

Health History and Immunization form:

The Health Center will mail a Health History and Immunization form to you early in the summer (click here for international student form). This is a required form and should be returned to Health Services in the envelope provided.

In late May, you will receive notification that either a Health Insurance Waiver must be completed or enrollment in the student insurance plan would be required. Confirm your medical coverage to waive the Hope student insurance plan by July 1 via the online site or you will be automatically enrolled in the student insurance plan and your student account will be charged $1,392.00.

Please contact Business Services at (616) 395-7810 with any further questions about medical insurance.