Phelps Scholars Program

The world you enter after college will be filled with people from many different backgrounds who hold many different views. The Phelps Scholars Program will help prepare you to succeed and thrive in that world.

A unique combination of residential life, academic engagement, and social activities, the Phelps Scholars Program at Hope College is a one year commitment and prepares students to be leaders in an increasingly global society. Phelps Scholars are enriched by the experience of living in community with others from a broad range of cultural backgrounds, and together they explore the issues of diversity that shape our world.

The Phelps Scholars Program has been recognized by the Association of American Colleges and Universities as an exemplary diversity program in higher education.

The Phelps Scholars Program brings together so many people from different backgrounds, cultures, and customs. Their experiences contribute to your own personal growth.
— Christopher, from St. Louis, Missouri