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Chapel Choir Tours
South Africa
May, 2009

This photo gallery represents the wide variety of experiences that the Hope College Chapel Choir was treated to in its recent tour of South Africa. Here is an overview of what the pictures depict:

  • Morning service at Serepta Uniting Reformed Church. This is a "colored" congregation and choir members enjoyed fellowship with church members after the service. 12th St. harmony members had a friendly singing competition with some parishioners. The following Sunday the choir joined in worship with a "black" congregation in Soweto.
  • Cape Town is considered one of the top ten most beautiful cities in the world. We enjoyed a sunny afternoon atop Table Mountain, as well as a tour down the coast to the appropriately named Cape of Good Hope.
  • The choir visited black townships in Cape Town as well as Johannesburg. We especially enjoyed sharing music with students at the township schools. The pictures shown are culled from two different school visits.
  • Formal concerts included a gorgeous concert hall at Stellenbosch University and a lovely Catholic church in Johannesburg.
  • Late afternoon and early morning visits to the Pilanesberg Game Reserve yielded sightings of lions, elephants, rhinos, hippos, and baboons to name but a few.
  • The choir visited urban and rural mission sites including the Tapologo AIDS clinic near Pilanesberg, and MES (Metro Evangelical Services) in Johannesburg. We were surprised when a group of Zimbabwean refugees for whom we sang came right back with a song of their own. Over and over again, singing and sharing music proved to be the perfect way to bridge cultural divides.
  • The students particularly enjoyed visiting daycare organizations, some run by big outfits such as MES, others by township families.