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Photo Galleries Highlighting
2014-15 Academic Year

Welcome to the Hope College Photo Galleries. Here's a glimpse of some of our campus events throughout the year. The most recent galleries are listed first.

Photo Galleries Highlighting 2013-14 Academic Year

Photo Galleries Highlighting 2012-13 Academic Year

Photo Galleries Highlighting 2011-12 Academic Year


October 18, 2014

Photo Galleries

The sophomore class of 2017
won the 117th Pull

September 27, 2014

Even Year Photos / Odd Year Photos / Holland Sentinel Story

Critical Issues Symposium -
Techonology & The Future of Being Human

September 23-24, 2014

Photos from 2014 Critical Issues Symposium

CIS Videos of Tuesday Keynote Address / Digital Short Stories

Community Day
September 13, 2014

Photo Galleries

Time to Serve
August 30, 2014

2014 Time to Serve Photo Gallery

More than 400 students, most of them be members of the freshman Class of 2018, spent Saturday, August 30, 2014 volunteering at nearly 40 sites throughout the Holland area through the college's "Time to Serve" program.

See Holland Sentinel / Enjoy Photos

Phelps Dining Hall Renovation
The Grand Opening

August 22, 2014

Grand Opening Photo Gallery

Summer Renovation Gallery

August 22 - 25, 2014

Photo Galleries

Convocation Address Focuses
on Leading the “Examined Life”

Text and Audio of
2014 Opening Convocation Address
by Dr. Patrice Rankine
(scroll down)

Photo Highlights

Jack H. Miller Center for Musical Arts
Block Party
August 5, 2014

After waiting 50 years for a new music facility, Bob Ritsema, Music Professor Emeritus, is all smiles as he signs the wall Tuesday, Aug. 5, celebrating the Jack H. Miller Center for Musical Arts Block Party. Nearly 500 people signed the wall.

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