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Academic and Administrative Personnel 


THE REV. A.C. VAN RAALTE, D.D., founder of Hope College and Holland, Mich., born at Wanneperveen in the province of Overijsel, the Netherlands, October 17, 1811; died, November 7, 1876

Mr. W.T. Taylor appointed the First Principal of "THE PIONEER SCHOOL," 1851-1853; died, December 2, 1856

The Rev. F.B. Beidler appointed as Second Principal of the Pioneer School, 1854-1855; died, November 20, 1904

The Rev. John Van Vleck appointed as Third Principal of the Pioneer School, 1855-1859; died, March 15, 1865

Mr. Abraham Thompson, A.M.: Instructor, 1857-1858

The Rev. Giles Van De Wall, A.M.: Instructor, 1858-1861; died, January 2, 1896

The Rev. Philip Phelps, Jr. appointed Fourth Principal of the Pioneer School, 1859; First Principal of Holland Academy, 1859-1866

THE REV. PHILIP PHELPS JR., D.D., ELECTED FIRST PRESIDENT OF HOPE COLLEGE, October 27, 1865; inaugurated, July 12, 1866. Program: Inaugural Oration, Rev. Mancius S. Hutton, D.D., Board of Education, R.P.D.C., New York City; Inaugural Charge, the Rev. Isaac N. Wyckoff, D.D., Albany, N.Y.; Inaugural Address, the Rev. Philip Phelps, Jr., D.D.; LL.D., Hope College, 1894; died, September 4, 1896

FIRST FACULTY APPOINTED, July, 1866: President -- the Rev. Philip Phelps, Jr., D.D., Professor of Intellectual and Moral Philosophy; the Rev. Peter John Oggel, A.M., Professor of Sacred Literature; the Rev. Theodoric Romeyn Beck, A.M., Professor of Latin and Greek Languages and Literature; the Rev. Cornelius Eltinge Crispell, A.M., Professor of Mathematics, Natural Philosophy, and Astronomy; Cornelius Doseburg, Tutor in Modern Languages

THEOLOGICAL INSTRUCTION was begun with a class of seven students in September, 1866; the Rev. E.C. Crispell, D.D., elected Professor of Theology; Professors Phelps, Oggel, Beck, and Scott elected "Lectors." Theological instruction was given separate organization in 1869, when the General Synod of the Reformed Church in America assumed control of the Theological Department. First class, numbering seven, was graduated in May, 1869. Instruction was suspended in 1877. Full activities were resumed in 1884, and by action of the General Synod, separate and independent status was given Western Theological Seminary. The Rev. Nicholas M. Steffens, D.D., was elected Professor of Theology 1884, resigned in 1895 to accept a position in Dubuque, Iowa; elected Professor of Historical Theology in Western Theological Seminary 1903, Systematic Theology, 1910; died, July 24, 1912. The Rev. Peter Moerdyke, D.D., and the Rev. Henry E. Dosker, D.D., were appointed "Lectors."

The Rev. Peter J. Oggel died, December 13, 1869.

The Rev. Peter Moerdyke appointed Assistant Professor, 1871-1873; died, July 19, 1923

Cornelius Doesburg, A.M., elected Professor of Modern Languages, 1872; elected Emeritus Professor, 1899; died, April 22, 1906

ORGANIZATION OF HOPE COLLEGE modified and enlarged, 1878; THE REVEREND GILES H. MANDEVILLE, D.D., appointed PROVISIONAL PRESIDENT and financial agent; the Rev. Charles Scott, D.D., appointed Vice President, continuing as Professor; William A. Shields, A.M., elected Professor; Gerrit J. Kollen, A.M., elected Professor

Henry Boers, A.M., appointed Tutor in English, 1878; Assistant Professor, 1883-1885; Professor of English and History, 1885; Professor of History, 1895; died, January 24, 1913

John H. Kleinheksel, A.M., appointed Tutor in Mathematics, 1878; Assistant Professor of Mathematics, 1883; Professor of Mathematics, 1885; Vice President, 1893; died, June 11, 1916


James G. Sutphen, A.M., elected Professor of Latin Language and Literature, 1885; Honorary Degree, Litt.D., Rutgers University; died, December 13, 1911

John B. Nykerk, A.M., appointed Tutor in English, 1885; Instructor at Northwestern classical academy, 1890; Assistant Professor of English and Director of Music, 1891; Professor of English, 1895; Leave of Absence, Graduate Study, 1906, Oxford University, England; Honorary Degree, Litt.D., Hope College, 1920; died, October 24, 1936

The Rev. John J. Anderson, A.M., elected Professor of Greek Language and Literature, 1885; died, 1888

The Reverend Professor Charles Scott, D.D., elected CONSTITUTIONAL PRESIDENT, 1885; inaugurated as President, 1886; died, October 31, 1893

MRS. CHRISTINE VAN RAALTE GILMORE appointed PRINCIPAL in charge of women students, 1887; died April 12, 1933

Sarah E. Satterthwait, A.B., appointed Instructor, January, 1888; resigned, June, 1888

The Rev. John H. Gillespie, A.M., elected Professor of Greek Language and Literature, 1888; resigned to accept chair of New Testament Greek and Exegesis, New Brunswick Theological Seminary, RCA, New Brunswick, N.J.; died, September 20, 1924

James W. Humphrey, A.B., Instructor and Director of Summer School, 1888-1895

A.W. Taylor: Instructor, 1888-1889

Johannes Visscher, A.M.: Instructor in English, 1890-1891

Philip Soulen, A.B.: Instructor in History, 1890-1891

PROFESSOR GERRIT J. KOLLEN (A.B. Hope 1868), A.M., elected THIRD PRESIDENT, 1893; LL.D., Rutgers, 1894; inaugurated, 1894; President Emeritus, 1911; died, September 5, 1915

Dowe B. Yntema, A.M., Professor of Chemistry and Physics, 1893; resigned, 1916; died, November, 1920

Erastus A. Whitenack, A.M., Professor of English and Modern Languages, 1893-1897

A.F. Harvey, A.M.: Instructor in English, 1895-1897

The Rev. John Tallmadge Bergen, A.M., D.D.: Professor of Biblical Literature and Ethics and College Pastor, 1895; resigned, 1906; Chaplain, USA, 1898, 1918, 1940; died, August 18, 1949

Henry Veghte, A.M.: Professor of German and French Languages, 1897-1904

EDWARD D. DIMNENT (A.B. Hope 1896) appointed Instructor in Latin and Greek, 1897; Professor of Greek Language, 1898; A.M., 1899; elected FIFTH PRESIDENT OF HOPE COLLEGE, 1918; Litt.D., Rutgers College; L.H.D., Hope College, 1919; LL.D. Central College, 1919; resigned, 1930; elected Professor Economics and Business Administration, 1931; Acting President, 1930-1931; President Emeritus, 1947; died, July 4, 1959; Hope Memorial Chapel named Dimnent Memorial Chapel by Board of Trustees, August 14, 1959

James G. Van Zwaluwenburg, B.S.: Instructor in Physics, 1897-1898; died, January 5, 1922

Adoniram J. Ladd, A.M.: Professor of Psychology and Education, 1898

The Rev. Peter Siegers: Professor of Dutch Language and Literature, 1899-1900; died, May 22, 1929

Samuel O. Mast, A.B.: Instructor in Biological Sciences, 1899; Professor of Biology 1902; Ph.D., Harvard University; resigned, 1908; died, February 3, 1947

John W. Beardslee, Jr., A.M., Ph.D.: Instructor in Latin, 1900; Instructor in Ethics and Evidences and Christianity, 1903; Professor, 1905; Professor of Ethics, 1909; Rodman Professor of Latin, 1912; resigned, 1913; elected by the Board of Superintendents of Western Theological Seminary, RCA, Professor of Biblical Languages and Literature, 1913; Professor of New Testament, 1916; elected by the Board of Superintendents of New Brunswick Theological Seminary, RCA, as Thomas De Witt Professor of Hellenic Greek and New Testament Exegesis, 1917-1949; President of New Brunswick Theological Seminary, RCA, 1936-1947; Dean of Students and in charge of New Testament Greek, New Brunswick Theological Seminary, 1949

The Rev. A. W. De Jonge, A.B.: Instructor in Dutch Language, 1900-1903; died, November 10, 1952

John G. Winter, A.B.: Instructor in Latin and Greek, 1901-1903; died, 1956

E.B. Norton, Ph.D.: Instructor in Education, 1902

John M. Van der Meulen, A.M.: Professor of Psychology and Education, 1902-1909; died, June 7, 1936

Albert Raap, A.M.: Professor of Dutch and Assistant Professor of Mathematics, 1903; Assistant Librarian, 1903-1918; Educational Secretary, Member Financial Staff, 1918-1924; Member Editorial Staff and Business Manager of "De Hope" and "The Leader," 1903-1924; resigned, 1924; died, September 8, 1965

A.W. Door, A.B.: Instructor of Biology, 1903-1904

The Rev. Paul F. Schuelke, Ph.D.: Instructor in German; in charge of the Museum, 1903

Almon T. Godfrey, A.M., M.D.: Instructor in Chemistry and Physics, 1904; Assistant Professor of Chemistry, 1908; Professor 1909; died, August 25, 1923

The Rev. A.J. Van Lummel: Assistant Instructor in Dutch, 1904-1905; died, May 12, 1923

Carrie Krell, A.B.: Instructor in English, 1905-1910

Henry R. Brush, A.B.: Professor of German and French, 1905; Ph.D., Chicago University; resigned, 1913

The Rev. John E. Kuizenga, A.M.: Acting Professor of English and Education, 1906; Professor of Bible and Philosophy, 1909; resigned, 1915; Honorary D.D., Hope College 1915; Professor of Practical Theology by the Board of Superintendents of Western Seminary, RCA, 1916; Professor of Systematic Theology, 1926; resigned, 1930; President of Western Seminary, RCA, 1928-1930; Charles Hodge Professor of Theology, Princeton Theological Seminary, N.J.; 1930-1947; died, July 8, 1949

John Dyce MacLaren, A.M., M.D.: Professor of Biology, 1907-1908

Frank B. Beyer, A.M.: Instructor in Greek and Latin, 1908-1909

Frank N. Patterson, A.M., Ph.D.: Professor of Biological Science, 1909-1926

Mrs. Winifred H. Durfee A.B.: Dean of Women and Instructor in English, 1909; Instructor in French, 1910; Professor, 1929; M.A., Wisconsin University, 1927; resigned, 1936; WINIFRED HACKLEY DURFEE HALL formally opened, 1950; died, October 24, 1950

WYNAND WICHERS, A.M.(A.B. Hope 1909): Instructor in English and Latin, 1909; Professor of History, 1913; M.A., University of Michigan, 1918; resigned, 1925; elected SIXTH PRESIDENT OF HOPE COLLEGE, 1930; Honorary LL.D., 1931 and D.Ed., 1945, Hope College; L.H.D. Central College 1938; Litt.D., Rutgers, 1945; knighted into Order of Orange Nassau by Queen of the Netherlands following World War II; resigned, 1945 President Emeritus and honorary trustee, 1963; A CENTURY OF HOPE written by Wynand Wichers, published by Eerdmans, 1968; WICHERS HALL OF MUSIC dedicated, October 25, 1970; died, March 28, 1971

Edwin N. Brown, Ph.D.: Professor of Education, 1909-1912

Elma G. Martin, Ph.D.: Instructor in English and German, 1909-1912

Elva N. Forncrook, A.B.: Instructor in English and Expression and Physical Education for Women, 1910-1911

Peter I. Schlosser, Ph.M.: Instructor in German, 1910-1911

THE REV. AME VENNEMA, A.M., D.D., (A.B. Hope 1879): D.D., Hope College, 1904; elected FOURTH PRESIDENT OF HOPE COLLEGE, 1911; resigned, 1918; PRESIDENT EMERITUS, 1918; died, April 26, 1925

Wilbur J. Greer, A.M.: Instructor in Latin and Greek, 1911-1913

Katherine S. Moore, A.B.: Instructor in English and Public Speech, 1911-1914

Milton Hoffman, Hope 1910, received a Rhodes Scholarship for studies beginning in 1912

Lambert Eidson, A.M.: Instructor in Education, 1912; Football Coach, 1912-1913; Professor, 1913; died, 1914

The Rev. Henry J. Veldman, D.D.: Instructor in Bible and Religion, 1912-1914; died, August 2, 1952

Hessel Yntema, Hope 1912, received a Rhodes Scholarship for studies beginning in 1913

William J. Moerdyk, A.M.: Instructor in Latin and Greek, 1913-1916; Medical Missionary Board of Foreign Missions, RCA; Hope College Medical Staff, 1949; died, November 9, 1974

Jennie Immink, A.B.: Instructor in Latin and English, 1913-1916

The Rev. Milton J. Hoffman, A.B.: Professor of Latin, 1913; A.M., 1914; resigned, 1917; Rhodes Scholar, A.B. Oxford University 1912; President, Central College, Pella, Iowa 1917; Honorary D.D., Hope, 1917; Honorary D.D., Hope, 1918; Professor of Church History, New Brunswick Seminary, RCA, by Board of Superintendents, 1925; died, July 27, 1973

Charles Cudworth Delano, Ph.D.: Professor of German and French, 1913-1914

Randolph Faries, A.M.: Instructor in Latin and English, 1913-1914

John Tillema, A.B.: Instructor in Latin and Greek, 1914-1916

Edward Elias, A.M.: Professor of German and French, 1914-1916

Alta J. Lich, A.B.: Instructor in English, 1914-1915

Magdalene M. De Pree: Librarian and Secretary to the President, 1914; resigned, 1935; died, October, 1938

The Rev. George B. McCreary, Ph.D.: Professor of Bible and Philosophy, 1914-1917

Frederick G. Waide, Ph.D.: Professor of Education, 1914-1916

Mae L. Brusse, A.B.: Instructor in German and Latin, 1914-1920

Arthur H. Heusinkveld, A.B.: Instructor in English and German, 1915; Assistant Professor of English, 1916; resigned, 1920

Elizabeth Ann Hunt, A.B.: Instructor in English, 1915-1917

W.B. Pietenpol, Ph.D.: Instructor in Physics, 1916-1918

John W. Beath, A.M.: Instructor in Mathematics, 1916-1918

Carl J. Knock, Ph.D.: Professor of Education, 1916-1919

Ludwig H. Eyme, A.M.: Professor of German and French, 1916-1919

Christine C. Van Raalte, A.B.: Instructor in Latin and French, 1916-1920; died, January 17, 1987

Bruno H. Meinecke, A.M.: Professor of Latin, 1917; Professor, 1918; Instructor in Violin, 1917-1922; resigned, 1922

John J. De Boer, A.M.: Instructor in History, 1917-1918

The Rev. Paul P. Cheff: Instructor in Bible, 1917-1918; died, July 12, 1943

EDWARD D. DIMNENT, Litt.D., L.H.D., LL.D., 1918; elected FIFTH PRESIDENT OF HOPE COLLEGE, 1918; resigned, 1930 (see 1897 entry)

The Rev. Paul E. Hinkamp, A.M., B.D.: Professor of Bible and Philosophy, 1918; Alumni Professor of Philosophy, 1922; Professor of Bible and College Pastor, 1929; Professor of Religious Education, 1938; Registrar of the College, 1945; retired, 1957; died, August 7, 1971

Albert E. Lampen, A.M.: Professor of Mathematics, 1918; retired, 1957; died, March 25, 1963; The Albert E. Lampen Memorial Prize in Mathematics first awarded at Commencement, 1964; Albert E. Lampen Mathematics Contest and Conference first held, 1973

The Rev. Jacob Vander Meulen, A.M.: Professor of Greek and Literature, 1919-1920; Honorary Degree, D.D., Hope, 1920; Professor of Greek New Testament and Exegesis Western Seminary, 1942; retired, 1945; died, July 21, 1955

Harriet Baker Prins, A.B.: Instructor in English, 1919

Egbert Winter, A.M.: Professor of Education, 1919; died, February 6, 1949

William H. Ten Haken, A.B.: Instructor in Mathematics, 1919-1920

Martha J. Gibson, A.M.: Instructor in English, 1919; resigned, 1929; Ph.D., Yale University

Anne G. Visscher, A.M.: Instructor in English, 1919-1922

Robert G. Evans, A.M.: Instructor in Physics, 1919-1923

Helen M. Bell, A.B.: Instructor in English and History, 1920-1922

John (Jack) H.L. Schouten: Director of Physical Education and Coach, 1920; A.B., 1948 (honorary, Hope College); Football Coach, 1917, 1920-1930; Carnegie Gymnasium rebuilt and named CARNEGIE-SCHOUTEN GYMNASIUM, 1954; retired, 1953; died, December 17, 1978

Rosa M. Pope, A.M.: Instructor in French, 1920-1921

Robert G. Ozanne, A.M.: Instructor in Latin, 1920-1921

The Rev. Thomas E. Welmers, A.M., B.D.: Professor of Greek, 1920; Registrar, 1925; retired 1945; died, January 15, 1947

Clarence Kleis, A.M.: Instructor in Mathematics, 1921; Instructor in Physics, 1923; Professor, 1925; retired, 1964

Clara E. Yntema, A.M.: Instructor in Latin, 1921-1923

Laura Alice Boyd, A.M.: Instructor in German and French, 1921; Professor of German, 1929; retired, 1955; died, November 25, 1962

Marguerite Meyer Prins, A.M.: Instructor in French, 1921; resigned, 1923; Instructor in French and Spanish, 1937; Professor of French, 1946; Instructor in Spanish, 1948; retired, 1962; honored by anonymous gift for Marguerite Prins French Award, presented at Commencement since 1963; died, December 29, 1996

Merle Piper, A.M.: Instructor in English, 1921-1922

Louise M. Brusse, A.M.: Instructor in History, 1921-1922

Frances M. Vander Ven, A.M.: Instructor in Latin, 1922-1924

Freda Heitland, A.B.: Instructor in English and History, 1922-1926

Irene Brusse Ver Hulst, A.B.: Instructor in English, 1922-1927

The Rev. James Wayer, A.M., B.D.: Instructor in Biblical Literature, 1922-1923; died, October 25, 1965

The Rev. Henry P. De Pree, D.D., Hope, 1931; M.Th., Princeton Seminary, 1939; Associate Professor of Religious Education, 1948; retired, 1953; died, May 10, 1969

The Rev. Albertus Pieters, A.M., D.D.: Professor of Biblical Literature and College Pastor, 1923; resigned, 1926; Professor of English Bible and Missions, Western Seminary, RCA, 1926; died, December 24, 1955

Nella Meyer, A.M.: Instructor in French and Music, 1923-1925; Associate Professor of French, 1945; Professor, 1955; retired, 1965; died, December 13, 1974

IRWIN J. LUBBERS, A.M. (A.B. Hope, 1917): Instructor in English, 1923; Assistant Professor of English, 1928; Carroll College, 1930-1934; President of Central College, Pella, Iowa, 1934; Ph.D., Northwestern University, 1932; Litt.D., Hope, 1945; LL.D., Central College; Litt.D., Rutgers, elected SEVENTH PRESIDENT OF HOPE COLLEGE, 1945; retired, February 1, 1963; President Emeritus, 1963; honored with the dedication of Lubbers Hall for the Humanities and Social Sciences, 1974; died, September 3, 1985

Albert H. Timmer, A.M.: Instructor in Latin and Greek, 1923; Professor of Latin; 1928; Director of Admissions, 1945; retired, 1964; died, September 15, 1978

Garrett Vander Borgh, A.M.: Instructor in Mathematics and Physics, 1923; College High School Principal, 1928; Assistant Professor of Education, College, 1934; Professor, 1945; retired, 1964; died, May 15, 1968; Vander Borgh Instructional Media Center of Van Zoeren Library dedicated, 1970

Jeannette Vander Werp, A.B.: Instructor in Latin, 1923-1924

Gerrit Van Zyl, M.S., Ph.D.: Professor of Chemistry, 1923; retired, 1964; died, December 10, 1967

Ephraim J. Zook, A.M.: Instructor in Latin and History, 1924-1927

Marion Van Drezer De Young, A.B.: Instructor in French and Latin, 1924-1927

Bruce M. Raymond, A.B.: Professor of History, 1925; on leave, 1935-1936; Ph.D., 1937; resigned, 1944; U.S. Veterans Administration, 1944-1946; Business Manager, Hope College, 1946-1949

Anne Eikenhout, A.B.: Instructor in French, 1925-1927

Earnest C. Brooks, A.B.: Instructor in Social Science, 1925-1931; reappointed, 1934

The Rev. Harry J. Hager, A.M., B.D.: Professor of Bible and College Pastor, 1925-1929; died, May 14, 1983

Metta J. Ross, A.B.: Instructor in English and History, 1926; A.M. University of Michigan, 1935; Associate Professor of English, 1941; Professor of History, 1946; retired, 1960; Metta J. Ross History Prize presented at Commencement since 1963; died, March 5, 1984

Oscar E. Thompson, A.M.: Professor of Biology, 1926; resigned, 1943; Associate Professor of Biology, 1946; retired, 1962; died, March 25, 1970

Mildred Ramaker, A.B.: Instructor in English, 1926-1927

Edward J. Wolters, A.B.: Instructor in Latin and English, 1926; Instructor in German, 1930-1945; Associate Professor of Latin, 1945; Professor, 1951; retired, 1966; died, January 18, 1986

Martha Barkema, A.B.: Instructor in French and Music, 1927-1929

Simon Heemstra, A.B.: Instructor in English, 1927-1928

Carol O. Hedeen, Ph.B.: Instructor in English, 1927-1928

The Rev. Edwin Paul McLean, A.B.: Instructor in English, 1927; Professor of Religious Education, 1929; Professor of Religious Education and Psychology, 1944; Business Manager, 1945; resigned, 1946; died, August 28, 1960

Adelaide Dykhuizen, A.B.: Instructor in English and History, College High School, 1927; A.M., Northwestern University, 1938; resigned, 1936; died, December 15, 1973

Nettie R. De Jong, A.B.: Instructor in Chemistry, 1927-1928

J. Harvey Kleinheksel, Ph.D.: Instructor in Chemistry, 1928; Associate Professor, 1944; Professor, 1948; died, December 21, 1965

Edwin N. Hooker, A.M.: Instructor in English, 1928-1929

William R. Richards, A.M.: Associate Professor of English, 1928-1929

Willard H. Robinson, Ph.D.: Professor of German, 1928-1930

Clarence DeGraaf, A.M.: Instructor in English, College High School, 1928; appointed Instructor in English, Hope College, 1934; Professor, 1942; Ed.D., University of Michigan, 1945; Director Summer Session, 1945; retired, 1972; died, October 17, 1986; "ICARUS" statue installed near Pine Grove in his honor, May, 1989; lecture series premiered in his name, October 29, 1991.

Helen Prisman Karsten: Instructor in Piano, 1928; retired, 1963; died, January 4, 1972

Agnes M. Tysse, A.B.: Assistant Librarian, 1929-1937

Rolland P. Grey, A.M.: Associate Professor of English, 1929-1930

Deckard Ritter, A.M.: Instructor in English, 1929; Associate Professor, 1931; resigned, 1934

Wilfred Curtis Snow: Instructor in Organ and Theory, 1929; Professor of Organ and Piano, 1931; died, December 31, 1935; auditorium in Nykerk Hall of Music named Snow Auditorium by Board of Trustees, 1963

DeWitt Clinton Sprague, A.M.: Assistant Professor of English, 1929-1931

The Rev. Walter Van Saun, B.D., Ph.D.: Professor of Philosophy, 1929; died, July 26, 1950

Mildred De Pree, A.B.: Instructor in French, College High School, 1929-1934

LaVada G. Fulmer, A.M.: Instructor in French, 1930-1931

WYNAND WICHERS, A.M., Litt.D., elected SIXTH PRESIDENT OF HOPE COLLEGE, 1931; resigned, 1945 (see 1909 entry); died, March 28, 1971

Milton Lage Hinga, A.M.: Instructor in History and Director of Athletics, 1931; Football Coach, 1932-1942; Dean of Men, 1944; Associate Professor History, 1945; Dean of Students, 1956; died, May 31, 1960

Shirley Payne, A.M.: Instructor in English and Speech, 1931-1934

Teunis Vergeer, Ph.D.: Professor of Biology, 1931; on leave, 1950-1951; resigned, 1952

Dwight B. Yntema, A.M.: Instructor in Mathematics, 1932-1946; Ph.D., University of Michigan, 1932; Professor of Economics, 1946; retired, 1967; died, Aug. 1, 1980

Elbron E. Seaton, A.B.: Instructor in History, 1932-1933

Zelma R. Langworthy, A.M.: Instructor in English, 1934-1935

Sarah E. Lacey, B.Mus.: Instructor in Piano and History of Music, 1934-1936

Evelyn M. Beach, B.Mus.: Instructor in Piano, Theory of Music and Instruments, 1934-1937

Carolyn Hawes: Instructor in Elementary Education and Director of Practice Teaching, 1934; A.B., Minnesota, 1938; A.M., 1941, Director of Practice Teaching, 1946; died, 1953

Oscar F. Bale, A.M.: Instructor in Latin, 1935-1937

Margaret L. Gibbs, A.B., B.L.S.: Librarian, 1935-1947

Roland Shackson, Ph.D. Associate Professor of English and Speech, 1935; died, July 12, 1939

Otto Yntema, A.M.: Instructor in History, 1935-1936

Kenneth R. Osborne, B.Mus., A.M.: Instructor in Organ and Piano, 1936-1940

Elizabeth Lichty, A.M.: Professor of French and Dean of Women, 1936; Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, 1939; resigned, 1947; died, November 12, 1965

James H. Warner, Ph.D.: Professor of English, 1936-1942

Mrs. W. Curtis Snow: Instructor in Piano and Organ and Theory of Music, 1937; A.B., Hope College, 1941; Assistant Professor of Organ and Piano, 1946; Assistant Professor of German, 1955; on leave 1954-55; Assistant in Vienna Summer School, 1956-1963; retired, 1965; died, February 19, 1974

Daniel J. Zwemer, A.B.: Instructor in Mathematics and Business Administration, 1937-1940; reappointed, 1947-1949; died, March 20, 1969

Paul J. Brouwer, A.M.: Instructor in English, 1937-1942

Elizabeth Faye Connor, A.M., B.L.S.: Assistant Librarian, 1937-1942

Vernon D. Ten Cate, A.B., LL.B.: Instructor in Economics and Business Administration, 1937-1942; died, December 4, 1996

The Rev. Leonard De Moor, Ph.D.: Instructor in Bible and Religion, 1938-1939

The Rev. William J. Hilmert, B.D.: Instructor in Bible and Religion (temporary), 1938-1939; Professor of Religious Education, 1952; Dean of Men, 1957; Director of Financial Aid, 1966; retired, 1969; died, November 1, 1986

The Rev. Henry Bast, A.B., Ph.B.: Professor of Bible and Religion, 1939-1944; died, March 29, 1983

William Schrier, A.B.: Instructor in Speech, 1939; Professor, 1940; on leave 1944-1945; Ph.D., University of Michigan, 1945; on leave 1954-1956; retired, 1969

Charles Vogan, B.Mus.: Instructor in Organ, 1940-1941

James Mearns, A.B., B.Mus.: Instructor in English and Piano, 1940-1942

Bernard J. Arendshorst, A.B.: Instructor in Economics and Business Administration, 1940-1943

Robert W. Cavanaugh, A.B., M.Mus.: Instructor in Voice and Theory of Music, Chapel Choir director, 1940; on leave, United States Navy, 1944; Associate Professor of Voice and Theory of Music, 1946; Professor, 1953; D.Ed. in Music, University of Michigan, 1953; died, March 15, 1976

Elizabeth Oggel, A.M.: Instructor in English, 1941-1944

Howard Dalman, A.M.: Specialized Army Training Corps Instructor in Drafting, 1943-1950

James Tuls, A.M.: Specialized Army Training Corps Instructor in Mathematics, 1943-1944

D. Visser, A.M.: Instructor in Chemistry, 1943-1944

H.J. Wassink, A.M.: Instructor in Physics, 1943-1944

The Rev. Lester J. Kuyper, Th.D.: Instructor in Bible and Greek, 1944-1946; died, February 11, 1986

Palmer Quackenbush: Leader of Orchestra, 1944-1946

The Rev. Bastian Kruithof, A.M.: Instructor in English, 1944-1947; Ph.D., University of Edinburgh, 1957; Associate Professor of Bible and Philosophy, 1957; Professor, 1968; retired, 1972; died, May 28, 1990

IRWIN J. LUBBERS, Ph.D., LL.D., Litt.D., elected seventh president of Hope College, 1945; retired, February 1, 1963; died, September 3, 1985 (see 1923 entry)

The Rev. Richard C. Oudersluys, Ph.D.: Instructor in Greek, 1945-1946

Elizabeth Vorhes, B.S.: Assistant Librarian, 1945-1946

Winifred Loerch Gomez, M.Mus.: Instructor in Public School Music, 1945-1947

Edward S. Avison, A.M.: Associate Professor of Speech, 1945-1950

Milton U. Johnson, B.Mus.: Instructor in Piano and Theory of Music, 1945; Assistant Professor, 1948; M.Mus., Indiana University, 1946; resigned, 1950

Edward E. Brand, A.B.: Instructor in English, 1945; Associate Professor, 1946; on leave, 1950-1951; Ed.D., University of Denver, 1951; Professor, 1968; retired, 1972; died, September 29, 1996

Harold J. Haverkamp, A.M.: Instructor in Psychology, 1945; Associate Professor, 1946; resigned, 1952

John W. Hollenbach, Ph.D.: Professor of English, 1945; Professor of English and Dean of Faculty, 1946; Professor of English and Vice President, 1947; on leave, 1955-1957; Professor of English, 1967; on leave second semester, 1972-1973; retired, 1978; executive secretary of Presidential Search Committee, 1985-1987; established the Hope Academy of Senior Professionals (HASP), May, 1988; died, April 19, 1998

The Rev. Maurice Eugene Osterhaven, A.B., B.D.: Professor of Bible and Religion and College Pastor, 1945; Associate Professor 1946; Th.D., Princeton, 1948; resigned, 1953; died, January 24, 2004

Alvin W. Vanderbush, M.A.: Instructor in History and Coach, 1945; Associate Professor of History and Political Science, 1946; Football Coach, 1946-1954; Director of Athletics, 1954-1960; retired, 1972; died February 20, 2005

Helene Maxine Cook, B.Mus., Ed.: Instructor in Voice and Theory of Music, 1946-1947

Betty Jean Fuller, A.B.: Assistant Librarian, 1946-1947

Robert A. Horner, A.M.: Instructor in Sociology, 1946-1947

William Ietswaart, A.B.: Instructor in Dutch, 1946-1947

Carl N. Schaftenaar, A.B.: Instructor in Chemistry, 1946-1947

Charles Robert Wimmer, Ph.D.: Professor of Chemistry and Dean of the Faculty, 1946-1947; resigned, 1947

Joyce Thompson Allen, A.B.: Instructor in English, 1946-1948

Frances Koeman, A.B., R.N.: Instructor in Biology, 1946-1948

The Rev. William B. Miller, A.B., Th.B.: Instructor in Bible and Religion, 1946-1948

Marie Jenkins Wiersum, B.L.S.: Assistant Librarian, 1946-1948

The Rev. D. Ivan Dykstra, Ph.D.: Associate Professor of Greek, 1946; Professor of Philosophy, 1950; retired, 1980; died February 28, 1999

Jay Ernest Folkert, A.M.: Instructor in Mathematics, 1946; Associate Professor, 1948; on leave, 1950-1951; Ph.D., Michigan State, 1955; Professor, 1957; retired, 1982; died Aug. 9, 2011.

Clyde H. Geerlings, A.B.: Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Physics, Director of Public Relations, 1946; Director of Alumni and Public Relations, 1949; elected State Senator in special election, 1951; re-elected, 1952, 1956, 1958, 1960, 1962, 1964; resigned Hope College post, January, 1959

Jantina Holleman, A.M.: Instructor in Piano and Theory of Music, 1946; Assistant Professor, 1948; Associate Professor, 1960; Professor, 1983; retired, 1987; died February 24, 2012.

Marian Mastenbrook Smith, A.B.: Assistant Librarian, 1946; Instructor in Library Science, 1947; resigned, 1950

Albert James Prins, A.M.: Instructor in English, 1946; Assistant Professor, 1948; Associate Professor, 1957; Ed.D., University of Michigan, 1963; Professor, 1965; on leave second semester, 1971-1972; retired, 1981; died, May 27, 2003

Emma Marie Reeverts, A.M.: Associate Professor of English, 1946; Dean of Women, 1947; retired, 1963; died, 1973

Helen Haberland Schoon, A.M.: Instructor in English, 1946; Director of Reading Clinic; Instructor in Education, 1948; retired, 1967; died, July 7, 1986

The Rev. Henry Schoon, A.M.: Assistant Professor of German, 1946; Assistant Professor of Greek, 1950; died, 1955

Jennie Spoelstra, A.B., R.N.: Instructor in Biology, 1946; Assistant Professor, 1949; resigned, 1957; died, October 27, 2005

Charles Edward Steketee, A.M.: Instructor in Mathematics, 1946; Assistant Professor, 1948; Associate Professor, 1959; Professor, 1979; retired, 1981; died, Oct. 9, 2009

Henry ten Hoor, A.M.: Instructor in English, 1946; Assistant Professor, 1948; Associate Professor, 1957; Ed.D. in English, University of Michigan, 1963; Professor, 1965; retired, 1979; died December 26, 2007

Louise Van Domelen, B.S.: Instructor in Physical Education, 1946; Assistant Professor, 1950; resigned, 1953

Henry J. Steffens, M.A.: Treasurer of the College, 1946; Vice President for Finance, 1965; retired, 1968; died, November 20, 1992

Rein Visscher: Business Manager, 1946; retired, 1965; died, May 17, 1990

Mrs. Norma H. Baughman: Instructor in Voice, 1947; Assistant Professor, 1960; retired, 1962

Marian Anderson Stryker, A.B.: Secretary, Alumni Association, 1947; Editor "ALUMNI MAGAZINE," 1949; retired, 1974; died, December 23, 1994

Margaret E. Randells, A.B.: Instructor in Spanish, 1947-1948

John H. Ysenbaard, A.M.: Assistant Professor of History, 1947-1948

Lars I. Granberg, A.M.: Assistant Professor of Psychology, 1947; Associate Professor of Psychology, 1952; resigned, 1954; Ph.D., University of Chicago, 1954; Professor of Psychology and Clinical Psychologist, 1960; Acting Vice President of the College, 1965; resigned, 1966; Dean of the Social Sciences and Professor of Psychology, 1975; Peter C. and Emajean Cook Professor of Psychology, 1976; retired, 1984; died, March 2, 2011

Alice Lammers B.L.S.: Assistant Professor of Library Science, 1947-1949

Don Carlos Madrid, A.M.: Assistant Professor of Spanish, 1947-1949

Henry "Cy" Voogd, Th.D.: Associate Professor of Sociology, 1947; Associate Professor of Bible, 1949; Professor of Religion and Bible, 1963; Professor, 1983; retired, 1984; died, February 21, 2006

Hazel Paalman, A.B., M.Mus.: Assistant Professor of Voice and Theory of Music, 1947-1949

Mrs. Irene Wade Harter, A.M.: Instructor in Speech, 1947-1949

Ernest Ellert, Ph.D.: Associate Professor of German, 1947; resigned, 1960; died, 1980

Dirk Gringhuis: Instructor in Art, 1947-1950

Morrette L. Rider, M.Mus.: Associate Professor of Theory of Music and String Instruments, 1947; D.Ed., Columbia University, 1955; Dean of Academic Affairs and Professor of Music, 1967; Professor of Music, 1974; resigned, 1975; died January 16, 2008

Theodore L. Vander Ploeg Sc.M.: Associate Professor of Chemistry, 1947-1956

The Rev. Joseph Zsiros, Th.D.: Visiting Professor of Bible, 1947-1951; Associate Professor of Greek, 1959; retired, 1968

Charles N. Drew, B.S.: Instructor in Business Administration, 1947

Adrian Klaasen, Ph.B.: Instructor in Business Administration, 1947; Assistant Professor, 1957; Ph.D., Michigan State, 1961; Associate Professor, 1963; Professor, 1966; died, December 1, 1968

Richard Martin, A.M.: Instructor in Mathematics, 1947-1950

Wendell Miles, A.B., LL.B.: Instructor in Business Administration, 1947-1950; Distinguished Adjunct Professor of History, 1981, 1983

Frederick Miller, A.B.: Instructor in Chemistry, 1947-1948

Cornelius Vander Meulen, A.B., LL.B.: Instructor in Business Administration, 1947-1948

Marguerite Hadden, A.B.: Instructor in Sociology, 1948-1951

John Huff, A.B.: Instructor in Chemistry, 1948-1949

Henry S. Maentz, A.B.: Instructor in Business Administration, 1948-1949

Stephen A. Partington, A.M.: Professor of Education, 1948-1949; resigned, February, 1950; Assistant in Education, 1971; Professor, 1972-1974; retired, 1974

Mildred Wilhelmina Schuppert, A.B., B.L.S.: Instructor, 1948; Secretary to President and Cashier, 1936-1948; resigned, 1950

Norma Wolcott, A.M.: Instructor in Spanish, 1948-1950

Russell B. De Vette, A.M.: Instructor in Physical Education, 1948; on military service leave, 1952-1953; resigned, 1954; Assistant Professor of Physical Education, 1955; Football Coach, 1955-1969; Men's Basketball Coach, 1948-1951, 1955-1977; Men's Track Coach, 1948-1951; Baseball Coach, 1953-1954, 1956-1961; Women's Track Coach, 1982-1987; Associate Professor, 1962; Professor, 1978; retired, 1988; December basketball tournament named in his honor, 1989; H-Club Hope for Humanity Award, 2007; died, November 23, 2009.

Harry Frissel, M.S.: Associate Professor of Physics, 1948; Ph.D., Iowa State University, 1954; Professor, 1957; retired, 1985; died, March 18, 2000

Ella Hawkinson, Ph.D.: Professor of History, 1948; Head of Department of History, 1949; died, January, 1954

Marian De Weerd Hietbrink, A.B.: Assistant in Library Science, 1948-1955

Martha Eaton Blane: Assistant in Library Science, 1948-1952

Lotus Snow, Ph.D.: Associate Professor of English, 1948; Assistant Professor, 1949; resigned, 1953

James Unger, M.S.: Instructor in Biology, 1948; Assistant Professor, 1949; resigned, 1953

Donald F. Buteyn, A.B.: Instructor in Speech, 1949-1950

Dwight Ferris, B.S.: Instructor in Business Administration, 1949-1950; died, Feb. 8, 2014

Maurice A. Guild, M.Mus.: Instructor in Instruments, 1949-1950

Lambert Ponstein, A.B.: Instructor in Speech, 1949-1950; Instructor in Religion and Bible, 1952; Assistant Professor, 1957; S.T.M., Oberlin College, 1959; Associate Professor, 1959; First Professor Hope College/West, 1971; Professor of Religion, 1971; D.Min., Vanderbilt University, 1974; retired, 1977; died, October 21, 2004

Sinnia Billips, Ph.D.: Associate Professor of English, 1949-1953

Donald F. Brown, Ph.D.: Professor of Spanish, 1949-1961; died, 1989

Harvey O. Davis, A.M.: Instructor in Voice and Theory of Music, 1949-1959

Mildred Singleton, M.L.S.: Librarian, 1949-1959; died, 1977

Robert C. Vanderham, A.M.: Associate Professor of Sociology, 1949; resigned, 1957; Associate Professor, 1966-1969

John E. Visser, A.M.: Assistant Professor of History, 1949; Basketball Coach, 1951-1956; Dean of Men, 1956; resigned, February, 1957; died June 8, 1997

Kenneth J. Weller, MBA: Instructor in Economics and Business Administration, 1949; on leave, 1956-1959; Assistant Professor of Economics and Business, 1959; Assistant to the President, 1960-1964; Associate Professor, 1964; Professor, 1967; resigned, 1969

John J. Ver Beek, A.M.: Professor of Education and Director of Teaching Training, 1950; Professor and Director of the Evening College, 1951; Professor and Director of Student Teaching and Certification, 1967; retired, 1971; died, October 26, 1982

Mary Louise Bried, A.B.: Instructor in Physical Education, 1950; M.S. Indiana University 1953; Assistant Professor, 1954; resigned, 1960

Eleanor De Pree: Instructor in Art, 1950-1957; died, September 1992

William H. Druckenmiller, A.M.: Instructor in String Instruments, 1950-1951

Helen L. Harton, A.M.: Instructor in Speech and Dramatics, 1950-1956

Anthony Kooiker, M.Mus.: Associate Professor of Piano and Theory of Music, 1950; on leave 1957-1958; Ph.D. University of Rochester 1962; Professor, 1963; retired, 1987; died October 18, 2007

Perma Rich, B.S.L.S.: Assistant Librarian, 1950-1952

(The following list includes names of Instructors who gave courses during the years immediately after World War II when many regular pre-war students returned to complete degree work and, in addition, many who entered under Government G.I. provisions and enrolled for degree courses or for special courses. Names starred (*) indicate instructors other than regular staff members who gave courses under "specialized Army Training Corps" provisions)

Irma Van Roekel: Assistant in Library Science, 1950-1951

Howard Zandbergen, A.M.: Assistant Librarian, 1951-1958

Elizabeth Hosmer, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor of English, 1951-1952

Nicholas Yonker: Assistant in Physical Education, 1951-1952

Allan Dykstra: Special Instructor in Philosophy, 1950-1951

Simon Blocker, A.M.: Special Instructor in Religion and Bible, 1951-1952; died, October 26, 1967

William Goulooze, Th.D.: Special Instructor in Religion and Bible, 1951-1952; died, September 5, 1955

S. Walter Kuipers, M.D.: Special Instructor in Biology, 1952-1953

Lester J. Kuyper, Th.D.: Special Instructor in Religion and Bible, 1951-1952; died, February 11, 1986

George H. Mennenga, Ph.D.: Special Instructor in Religion and Bible, 1951-1952; died, July 26, 1966

John R. Mulder, A.M.: Special Instructor in Religion and Bible, 1951-1952; died, July 3, 1964

Richard C. Oudersluys, Ph.D.: Special Instructor in Religion and Bible, 1951; 1951-1952; Special Instructor in Greek, 1954-1955

Warren K. Westrate, M.D.: Special Instructor in Biology, 1952

Alice Elliott, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor of Biology, 1952; resigned, 1956; Professor of Biology, 1959; resigned, 1963

Janet B. Mulder, A.B.: Archivist, 1952; Archivist and Alumni Assistant, 1955; retired 1968; died, December 15, 1985

Lawrence J. Green, A.M.: Assistant Professor of Physical Education, 1952; Ph.D., University of Iowa, 1955; Associate Professor, 1957; Professor, 1965; died, January 24, 1982

John Ryskamp: Instructor in Physics, 1952-1953

James Dyke van Putten, Ph.D.: Professor of History and Political Science, 1952; retired, 1969; died, September 14, 1978

Granville Cutler, M.Ed.: Instructor in Brass Instruments, 1952-1954

Ransome Everett, B.Ed.: Instructor in Percussion Instruments, 1952-1953

James A. Hallan, A.B.: Instructor in Business Administration, 1952-1954

Arthur C. Hills, M.Mus.: Special Instructor in Clarinet and Bassoon, 1952-1958

Kenneth Vander Heuvel, M.Mus.: Instructor in Oboe and Saxophone, 1952-1959; died, 1959

Charles A. Lininger, A.M.: Assistant Professor of Economics, 1954-1957

Maxine Richardson, A.M.: Assistant Professor of Physical Education, 1953-1955

Elva van Haitsma, A.M.: Assistant Professor of Speech, 1953-1957

Barbara Cline Wilson, A.M.: Instructor in Psychology, 1954-1957

Betty Lindberg, A.M.: Instructor in Violin, Cello, and Music Ed., 1953-1955

James H. Abbott, A.M.: Instructor in Spanish, 1955-1956

M. Lois Bailey, A.M., B.S.L.S.: Reference Librarian, 1954; retired, 1968; died, June 30, 1984

Paul G. Fried, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor of History, 1953; Associate Professor, 1957; Director Hope College Vienna Summer School, 1957; Professor, 1964; Professor and Director of International Education, 1966; awarded the Austrian Gold Medal of Merit October, 1968; Professor, 1981; Vienna Fund converted to The Paul G. Fried International Education Fund, 1981; retired, 1984; international education center named the PAUL G. FRIED INTERNATIONAL CENTER, September 22, 1990; died, July 24, 2006

F.F. Gearhart, A.M.: Instructor in German, 1954; Associate Professor, 1958; Ph.D., Indiana University, 1965; Professor of German and Chairman of Foreign Languages, 1967; resigned, 1970

Richard J. Hahn, M.S.: Instructor in Biology, 1954-1956

Gerald Nykerk, M.D.: Instructor in Biology, 1953-1956

Roger J. Rietberg, S.M.M.: Instructor in Music Theory and Organ, 1954; Assistant Professor, 1959; Associate Director of Admissions and Assistant Professor of Music, 1965; Director of Admissions and Assistant Professor of Music, 1966; Associate Professor of Music, 1968; on leave second semester, 1972-1973; Professor, 1978; Chapel Choir director, 1976-1990; retired, 1990

Joy K. Talbert, Ph.D.: Visiting Professor of English, 1954; Professor, 1957; resigned, 1963

E. Duffield Wade: Manager of the Book Store, 1954; retired, 1973; died, July 25, 1975

WILLIAM VANDER LUGT, Ph.D.: Professor of Psychology, 1954; Professor of Psychology and Dean of the College, 1955 Professor of Philosophy and Dean of the College, 1959 Distinguished Professor-at-large, 1967; CHANCELLOR and Distinguished Professor-at-large, 1970-1972; retired, 1972; died, June 9, 1992

Jack Daniels, A.B.: Instructor in Business Administration, 1954-1955

Marjorie Hopperstad Smith, M.Mus.: Instructor in Cello, 1954-1956

Raymond Roth, M.Mus: Instructor in Brass Instruments, 1954

Julie Reed, A.M.: Instructor in English (second semester), 1955

Philip G. Crook, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor of Biology, 1955; Associate Professor, 1959; Professor, 1966; resigned, 1968

Eugene C. Jekel, M.S. Instructor in Chemistry, 1955; Assistant Professor, 1964; Ph.D., Purdue University, 1964; director of "Summer Workshop and Leadership Activities Project," supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF), 1964-1991; Associate Professor, 1966; Professor, 1969; Professor of Chemistry and Director of Research and Academic Development, 1973; Professor, 1976; retired, 1993

Charles D. Louch, Ph.D.: Instructor in Chemistry, 1955-1957; died, May 16, 2009

Marjorie M. Pickens, A.M.: Instructor in English, 1955-1956

Paul E. Reid, A.M. Instructor in Speech, 1955-1957

Thomas E. Van Dahm, A.M.: Assistant Professor of Economics and Business, 1955; Ph.D., University of Michigan, 1959; resigned, 1960

John Van Ingen, M.B.A.: Assistant Professor of Business, 1955-1957

Douglas Blocksma, Ph.D.: Special Instructor in Psychology, 1955-1957

Peter A. Klynenberg: Special Instructor in Cello, 1956-1959

Joseph Zandstra, Ph.D.: Special Instructor in Philosophy, 1955-1957

Gordon Brewer, A.M.: Instructor in Physical Education, 1956; Men's Track Coach, 1956-1988; Assistant Professor and Director of Athletics, 1960; Associate Professor and Director of Athletics, 1973; Associate Professor, 1980; Professor, 1983; on leave first semester, 1985-1986; retired, 1988; track and field facilities at the Ekdal J. Buys athletic complex named in his honor, April 27, 1991; author of "....BUT HOW YOU PLAYED THE GAME!," a book on the history of Hope athletics (1862-1955), published, October, 1992; author of "JOURNEY OF HOPE: NAMES AND GAMES REMEMBERED, HOPE COLLEGE ATHLETICS - 1955-1970," a book on the history of Hope athletics, published, October, 2002

Robert F. De Haan, Ph.D.: Professor of Psychology, 1956; on leave 1963-1965; Professor of Education; 1969-1970; Director of Philadelphia Semester, 1970-1974

Dale De Witt, A.M.: Instructor of Speech, 1956; died February 1, 1994

Ruth De Wolfe, A.M.: Instructor in English, 1956; retired, 1964

Eva B. Van Schaak, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor of Biology, 1956; Professor, 1967; retired, 1969; died, October 1, 1981

Sara Keith, A.M.: Instructor in English, 1956-1958

Ronald Brown, A.B.: Assistant in Mathematics, 1956-1959

Irwin Brink, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor of Chemistry, 1957; Associate Professor, 1963; Professor, 1967; on leave 1975-1976; Interim Dean for the Natural Sciences, 1982; Dean for the Natural Sciences, 1983-1988; retired, 1996

Tunis Baker, Ph.D.: Director of Public Relations, 1957; Professor of Science Education, 1958; retired, 1966; died, August 3, 1982

Walter S. Hartley, Ph.D.: Instructor in Music, Piano and Theory, 1957-1958

Donald F. Klaasen, M.A.: Special Instructor in Business, 1957-1959

Paul Nyberg, Ph.D.: Instructor in Sociology, 1957-1960

A. Warren Williams, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor of History, 1957-1963; died, July 31, 2011

Robert L. Smith, A.M.: Instructor in Speech, 1958

Harry W. Gerberding, A.M.: Instructor in German, 1958-1959

Marcia J. Wood, M.F.A.: Instructor in Art, 1958-1963; died, April 25, 2000

E. Jean Protheroe, A.M.: Assistant Professor of English, 1958; Associate Professor, 1965; resigned, 1968

John R. May, M.S.L.S.: Assistant Librarian, 1958; Librarian (Associate), Professor, 1959; resigned, 1969; died, August 9, 1999

Gerald J. Kruyf, M.A.: Director of Public Relations, 1958-1964

Virginia A. Carwell, A.M.: Instructor in English, 1958; on leave, 1960-1961; resigned, 1966

Cornelius Mulder, A.M.: Instructor in Mathematics, 1958-1959

David P. Karsten, A.M.: Instructor in Speech and English, 1959-1964; died, December 1, 1998

Frank Sherburne, M.S.: Instructor in Mathematics, 1959; Assistant Professor, 1963; Associate Professor, 1976; Professor, 1993; retired, 1994; died, June 4, 2012

Albert L. Schaberg, M.Mus: Instructor in Music, 1959-1963

John Utzinger, Ph.D.: Instructor in Philosophy, 1959; Assistant Professor, 1963; resigned, 1964; died, April 21, 2010

F. Phillip Van Eyl, A.M.: Instructor in Psychology, 1959; Assistant Professor, 1964; Ph.D., Claremont Graduate School, 1964; Associate Professor, 1967; Professor, 1983; retired, 1993

Marie J. Feyt, B.S., M.A.: Instructor in German and French, 1959-1965

E. Jean Holcombe, A.B.L.S.: Catalogue Librarian (Assistant Professor), 1959-1967

Gerhard F. Megow, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor of German, 1959; Associate Professor, 1963; Professor, 1967; retired, 1973; died October 28, 1999

Larry Siedentop, Hope 1957, received a British Marshall Scholarship for studies beginning in 1960

Robert S. Brown, M.S.: Instructor in Psychology, 1960; Ed.D. in Counseling Michigan State, 1963; Assistant Professor, 1964; Associate Professor, 1967; and Director of Counseling Services, 1965 1970; retired, 1986; died, December 14, 1994

John E. De Pree, A.M.: Instructor in Spanish, 1960-1963

James De Young, M.A.: Instructor in Speech, 1960-1963

Elaine Jekel, Ph.D.: Special Instructor in Chemistry, 1960; Teaching Associate, 1982; Adjunct Associate Professor, 1986; retired, 1993

James Loveless, M.F.A.: Instructor in Art, 1960-1965

Barbara Loveless: Instructor in Mathematics, 1960-1965

Joan Mueller, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor of English, 1960; Associate Professor, 1967; Professor, 1970; on leave, 1975-1976; resigned, 1977; died, December 21, 2008

Zoe Murray, M.A.: Assistant Professor of English, 1960; Associate Professor, 1968; retired, 1970; died, November 30, 1998

William Oosterink, M.S.: Instructor in Biology, 1960-1963

David O. Powell, Ph.D.: Instructor in Biology, 1960; Assistant Professor, 1963; resigned, 1966

Joan Pyle, M.A.: Instructor in Physical Education, 1960-1965

Lars I. Granberg, Ph.D.: Professor of Psychology, 1960 (see 1947)

Allen B. Cook, B.D.: Director of Kollen Hall and College Pastor, 1960-1965; died, November 12, 1982

Werner Heine, A.B.: Visiting Lecturer in German, 1960; Assistant Professor, 1963; M.A., German, Michigan State, 1961; Associate Professor of German and Geography, 1969; retired, 1973; died, July 22, 1996

Rolf B.M. Italiaander: Visiting Professor of African History and Civilization, second semester, 1960-1961