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Department of Biology Faculty


Eldon D. Greij, M.S.: Instructor, 1962; Assistant Professor, 1967; Associate Professor, 1970; Professor, 1981; The Edward A. and Elizabeth Hofma Professor of Biology, 1983; The Edward and Elizabeth Hofma Adjunct Professor, 1989-2003

Michael Magan, A.B.: Assistant, 1962-1964

Norman W. Rieck, Ph.D.: Associate Professor, 1962; Professor, 1984; retired 1986; died, April 29, 2014

Paul Van Faasen, Ph.D.: Instructor, 1963; Assistant Professor, 1969; Associate Professor, 1973; Professor, 1984; retired, 1997; died, Oct. 8, 2015

Allen Brady, Ph.D.: Teaching Intern, 1964-1965; Assistant Professor, 1966; Associate Professor, 1969; Professor, 1972; retired, 2000

Elizabeth Koch, B.S.: Instructor, 1964

Norman Norton, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor, 1964; Associate Professor, 1967; Professor, 1970-1974

Barbara L. Clarke, M.S.: Instructor, 1965-1967

Ralph Ockerse, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor, 1966; Associate Professor, 1969; Professor 1972-1976

Edward L. Ervin, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor, 1967; Associate Professor, 1970-1974

Robert Fitzsimmons, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor, 1967-1970

Richard Newcomer, M.S.: Instructor, 1967-1968

Judith Spangler, M.S.: Instructor, 1967-1968

A. Charles McBride, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor, 1969-1974; died, April 26, 2006

Timothy Stabler, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor and Director of Laboratories, 1969-1974

Jerry Dusseau, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor, 1970-1976

John W. Day, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor, 1974-1978

Meredith Blackwell, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor, 1975-1981

S. Krogh Derr, Ph.D.: Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology and Geology, 1975; Assistant Professor, 1978-1979

Harvey D. Blankespoor, Ph.D.: Associate Professor of Biology, 1976; Professor, 1984; The Frederich Garrett and Helen Floor Dekker Professor of Biology, 1987; CASE National Professor of the Year, 1991; retired, 2002

James M. Gentile, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor, 1976; Associate Professor, 1982; The Kenneth G. Herrick Associate Professor of Biology, 1984; Professor, 1987; Dean for the Natural Sciences, 1988-2005; The Kenneth G. Herrick Adjunct Professor of Biology, 2005; Dean for Natural and Applied Sciences, 2013

Jack Shubert, Ph.D.: Professor of Environmental Health Sciences, 1977-1981

Donald L. Cronkite, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor, 1978; Associate Professor, 1981; Professor, 1988; retired 2010

Laurie Overton, B.A.: Director of Laboratories, 1979-1980

Christopher C. Barney, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor, 1980; Associate Professor, 1986; Professor, 1992; The T. Elliot Weier Professor of Biology, 2001

Glenda Gentile, B.S.: Research Technician, 1980-2005

Steve Townsend, B.S.: Research Technician, 1980-1984

Gordon Van Woerkom, M.S.: Director of Laboratories, 1980-1987

Barbara Jo Taller, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor, 1981-1983

Carolyn Kalsow, Ph.D.: Adjunct Professor, 1983-1986

Edith L. Smoot, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor, 1983-87

Lori Hertel, M.S.: Research Technician, 1984; Director of Laboratories, 1987

Gillian Stoltman, Ph.D.: Visiting Professor, 1984-1985

Douglas Marchuck, M.S.: Visiting Professor, 1985-1987

K. Gregory Murray, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor, 1986; Associate Professor, 1992; Professor, 2001

Kathy Winnett-Murray, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor, 1986; Associate Professor, 1992; Professor, 2001

Ken Meeusen, M.S.: Research Technician, 1987-1990

David Netzly, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor, 1987; Associate Professor, 1993-2001

Anthony Nieuwkoop, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor, 1987-1994

Vicki J. Isola, Ph.D.: Visiting Assistant Professor, 1988-1992, 1995-1996; 2007-2011

Peter Fonken, B.S.: Research Technician, 1989-1990

Christine T. Oswald, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor, 1989; Associate Professor, 1992-1994

Maria A. Burnatowska-Hledin, Ph.D.: Associate Professor, 1992; Professor, 1998; The Frederich Garrett and Helen Floor Dekker Professor of Biology and Chemistry, 2009

Patricia L. Dorn, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor, 1992-1994

Matt Donavan, B.S.: Research Technician, 1992-1993

Dan A. Gerbens, Ed.D.: Assistant Professor and Health Professions Advisor, 1993; Adjunct Associate Professor, Health Professions Advisor, and Administrative Coordinator for Chemical and Radiation Safety and Animal Welfare, 2001-2003

Ping Zhao, B.S.: Research Technician, 1993-1996

Amy Poel, B.S.: Research Technician, 1994-1995

Mary Anne Sydlik, Ph.D.: Visiting Associate Professor, 1994-2000

Elizabeth Sue Norris, Ph.D.: Visiting Assistant Professor, 1994-1995

Virginia M. McDonough, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor, 1995; Associate Professor, 2002

Lois A. Tverberg, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor, 1995-2002

Min-Ken Liao, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor, 1996-2000

Inara Lazdins, Ph.D.: Research Associate, 1996

Timothy M. Evans, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor, 1997; Associate Professor, 2003-2008

Joseph Stukey, Ph.D.; Part-Time Lecturer, 1997

Scott D. Hadley, Ph.D.: Visiting Assistant Professor, 1998-1999

Brian E. Keas, ABD.: Assistant Professor, 1999-2000

Cynthia Trombino, Ph.D.: Visiting Assistant Professor, 1999-2000

John P. Badgerow, Ph.D.: Visiting Assistant Professor, 2000-2001

Leah A. Chase, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor, 2000; Associate Professor, 2007

Thomas L. Bultman, Ph.D.: Professor, 2001

Kevin P. Eckerle, Ph.D.: Visiting Assistant Professor, 2001-2004

Karry A. Kazial, Ph.D.: Visiting Assistant Professor, 2001-2002

Jewel Reuter, M.A.T.: Visiting Assistant Professor, (Aug.-Dec.) 2001

Kim M. Risley, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor, 2001-2004

Debbie J. Swarthout, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor of Biology, 2001-2009

James N. Boelkins, Ph.D.: Professor and Provost, 2002; retired 2010

Aaron A. Best, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor, 2004

Gregory S. Fraley, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor, 2004; Associate Professor, 2008

Terrence J. Sullivan, Ph.D.: Postdoctoral Associate, 2004; Visiting Assistant Professor, 2008-2009

Gordon Horace Gurley, M.S.: Visiting Assistant Professor, 2006-2007

Dereje Desta, Ph.D.: HHMI Postdoctoral Fellow, 2007

Farrah N. Madison, Ph.D.: HHMI Postdoctoral Fellow, 2007

Jianhua Li, Ph.D.: Assoicate Professor, 2009

Tahnee C.H. Prokopow, M.P.H.: Assistant Professor, 2011

Benjamin G. Kopek, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor, 2014

Stephen C. Scogin, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor, 2014