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 Department of Computer Science Faculty


Richard T. Brockmeier, Ph.D.: Professor of Physics and Computer Science, 1975; died, February 9, 1993

Wayne E. Carlson, M.S.: Visiting Instructor, 1975-1976

Herbert L. Dershem, Ph.D.: Associate Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science, 1975; Professor, 1982

Patrick R. Harrison, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor of Psychology and Computer Science 1975-1976

James Seeser, Ph.D.: Associate Professor of Physics and Computer Science, 1975-1976

John Whittle, M.A.: Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science, 1975-1981

Harvey K. Leland, M.S.: Assistant Professor, 1976-1980

John C. Watson, M.S.: Lecturer, 1976-1982;died, July 31, 2012

Jeffery Boes, M.S.: Instructor, 1980-1981

Gordon Stegink, A.M.: Assistant Professor, 1981; Associate Professor, 1987; retired, 2000

Bruce Dangremond, M.B.A.: Instructor, 1981; Adjunct Assistant Professor, 1987-1991

Mark Brown: Instructor, 1983-1985

James M. Slack, M.S.: Instructor, 1985-1988

Michael J. Jipping, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor, 1987; Associate Professor, 1995; Professor, 2003

Lorin W. Neufeld, Ph.D.: Visiting Assistant Professor, 1989-1990

Shirley V. Browne, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor, 1990-1995

Frances M. Vallely, M.S.: Visiting Assistant Professor, 1990-1991

Stephen J. Zylstra, B.Mus.: Part-time Lecturer, 1992; Adjunct Assistant Professor, 2001-2011

Edmund I. Deaton, Ph.D.: Visiting Professor, 1993-1995

Ryan L. Mc Fall, M.S.: Visiting Instructor, 1995-1996

Kevin M. Denelsbeck, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor, 1997-1998

Andrew P. Van Pernis, M.S.: Visiting Instructor, 1999-2000

Gary Lewandowski, Ph.D. :Visiting NSF-AIRE Professor, 2000-2001

Ryan L. Mc Fall, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor, 2000; Associate Professor, 2005

Rose Mazhindu-Shumba, Ph.D.: Visiting Professor, 2001-2002

Matthew DeJongh, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor, 2002; Associate Professor, 2008

Charles A. Cusack, Ph.D.: Visiting Assistant Professor, 2005; Assistant Professor, 2008

Ravikant Agarwal, Ph.D.: Visiting Assistant Professor, 2008-2010