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Department of Dance Faculty


(Department Established in 1985)

Charles C. Aschbrenner, M.Mus.: Associate Professor of Music, 1972 (see Department of Music)

Robert M. Cecil, M.Mus.: Professor of Music, 1974-1986; died, June 14, 2011

Maxine De Bruyn, B.S.: Lecturer in Dance, 1974; Associate Professor, 1985; Professor, 1989; The Dorothy Wiley DeLong Professor of Dance, 2002; retired, 2006

Lawrence J. Green, Ph.D.: Professor of Physical Education, 1974; died, 1982

Sandra Parker, A.B.: Assistant Professor of Physical Education, 1974-1981

Rich Rahn: Teaching Associate, 1974-1981

George Ralph, M.A.: Associate Professor of Theatre, 1974-1975 (see department of theatre)

Edward Riffel: Teaching Associate, 1974-1981

John K.V. Tammi, M.F.A.: Associate Professor of Theatre, 1974 (see department of theatre)

William Vanderbilt, M.A.: Associate Professor of Physical Education, 1974-1975 (see department of kinesiology)

James J. Malcolm, Ph.D.: Professor of Theatre, 1975-1978

Nancy Baum, B.A.: Teaching Associate, 1981-1982; died, Feb. 28, 2011

Kathy Burch: Teaching Associate, 1981-1982

Elaine Gavalas: Instructor, 1981-1982

Ken Tepper: Teaching Associate, 1981-1986, 1990-1991

Joan VanVorhees, B.S.: Teaching Associate, 1981-1984

Mary Linda Graham, M.F.A.: Instructor, 1983; Assistant Professor, 1985; Associate Professor, 1993; Professor, 2003

Earlene Helderman, M.F.A.: Costume Designer, 1983

Anne Irwin, Ph.D.: Associate Professor, 1983 (see department of kinesiology)

Robert Estner: Lecturer in Dance, 1986-1988

Michael Grindstaff, M.A.: Lighting Designer, 1976-1987

Daryl Retter: Lecturer in Dance, 1986-1989

Julio Rivera, B.A.: Visiting Assistant Professor, 1986; Visiting Associate Professor, 1991-2007

Linda Booker, M.A.: Lecturer in Dance, 1987

Kate McGory, B.A.: Lecturer in Dance, 1987-1990

Jimmy Ross: Percussionist, 1988

Susan Saurer, M.A.: Lecturer in Dance, 1988-1990

Martha Eddy, M.A.: Lecturer in Dance, 1989

Marcia Levanthal, Ph.D.: Lecturer in Dance Therapy, 1989

Keith Oberfeld, M.F.A.: Lighting Designer, 1989

Tommie Retter: Lecturer in Dance, 1989-1994

Steven Iannocone, B.A.: Visiting Assistant Professor, 1990; Assistant Professor, 1995; Associate Professor, 2001

Laura Berman, M.F.A.: Lecturer in Dance, 1991

Dawn McIlhargey-Wigert: Teaching Associate, 1991-2004

Terri Filips: Lecturer in Dance, 1994-2001

John Dayger: Lecturer in Dance, 1996-2002

Ray Tadio, B.F.A.: Visiting Assistant Professor, 1999; Assistant Professor, 2004-2008

Rosanne Barton-DeVries, B.A.: Lecturer in Dance, 2000-2010

Amanda Smith-Heynen: Lecturer in Dance, 2002

Nicole Flinn, M.A.: Assistant Professor of Dance, 2008-2009

Anne-Rene Petrarca, M.F.A.: Visiting Assistant Professor, 2009

Alicia Díaz, M.A.: Assistant Professor, 2009-2011

Matthew Thornton, B.A.: Assistant Professor, 2009-2011

Matthew Farmer, M.F.A.: Assistant Professor, 2011

Crystal Frazier, Visiting Instructor in Dance, 2011

Julie Powell, Instructor of Dance, 2013

Angela S. Yetzke, M.F.A.: Assistant Professor of Dance, 2013