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Department of Economics, Management, and Accounting Faculty


Dale Van Lente, B.S.: Teaching Associate, 1962-1979; died, July 17, 2012

Robert Leslie, M.S.: Assistant, 1963-1969

James P. Henderson, M.A.: Instructor, 1967; Assistant Professor, 1972-1975

Barry Werkman, M.S.: Instructor, 1967-1969

Rhonda Rivera, J.D.: Assistant Professor, 1968-1972

Donald L. Campbell, M.A.: Instructor, 1969-1971; Teaching Associate, 1972-1974

Neil F. DeBoer, M.B.A.: Instructor, 1969; Assistant Professor, 1973-1975; Teaching Associate, 1977-1982

Douglas L. Heerema, Ph.D.: Associate Professor, 1970; Professor, 1978-1979

Harold Denig, A.B.: Faculty Assistant, 1971-1973

Melvin W. Harju, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor, 1971-1977

Dennis E. Hull, M.B.A.: Instructor, 1971-1973

Bruce Neckers, J.D.: Teaching Associate, 1973-1977

Barrie Richardson, D.B.A.: Professor, 1973-83

John Tysse, B.A.: Teaching Associate, 1973-1986

Roger Chutter, M.B.A.: Teaching Associate, 1974-1982

Stanley Sterk, C.P.A.: Instructor, 1974-1975

Robert Cline, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor, 1975; Associate Professor, 1980; Professor, 1987-1989

J. Sidney Downey, M.B.A.: Instructor, 1975; Assistant Professor, 1977-1980

Wayne D. Kramer, M.B.A.: Instructor, 1975-1976

Allan Wear, C.P.A.: Lecturer, 1975-1976

Robert F. Luttrell, C.P.A.: Instructor in Business Administration, 1976-1978

Robert Schellenberg, M.B.A.: Teaching Associate, 1976-1979

Robert Gentenaar, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor of Economics, 1977; Associate Professor, 1983; retired, 2000

Anthony B. Muiderman, M.B.A.: Assistant Professor of Business Administration, 1977; Associate Professor, 1983; Professor, 1992; retired, 2000

Timothy C. Jenks, M.B.A.: Assistant Professor, 1978-1981

Craig Neckers, J.D.: Teaching Associate, 1978-1980

Peter J. Vander Nat, Ph.D.: Visiting Instructor, 1978-1979; Assistant Professor, 1983-88

J. Barry Weldon, M.S., M.B.A.: Assistant Professor, 1978-82

Robin Kendrick Klay, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor, 1979; Associate Professor, 1985; Professor, 1996, retired, 2010

Cheryl Ann Hill, M.B.A.: Instructor, 1980-1982

James B. Heisler, Ph.D.: Visiting Associate Professor, 1981; Associate Professor, 1982; Professor, 1988; retired, 2007

William H. Japinga, M.B.A.: Assistant Professor of Business Administration, 1981; Associate Professor, 1987; retired, 2001

Brent Sjaardema: Assistant Professor, 1981-1982

Richard Swaney, J.D.: Teaching Associate, 1981-1987

Herbert Martin, C.P.A., M.S.: Assistant Professor, 1982; Associate Professor, 1988-2012

David Meier, M.A.: Teaching Associate, 1982-1983

John Nagy, M.B.A.: Assistant Professor, 1982-83

Kiyoshi Nakamura, M.A.: Visiting GLCA Professor, spring semester, 1982-1983

Hershel Purdue, M.B.A.: Teaching Associate, 1982-1983

Wayne Snyder, Ph.D.: Teaching Associate, 1982-1983

Theodore Spoelman, M.A.: Visiting Assistant Professor, 1982-1986

David Zessin, J.D.: Teaching Associate, 1982; Adjunct Assistant Professor, 1995-2002

Douglas Iverson, M.B.A.: Teaching Associate, 1983; Adjunct Assistant Professor, 1995-2003

Steve Nation, C.P.A.: Teaching Associate, 1983-1985

Daniel Ebels, M.S.: Visiting Assistant Professor, 1984-1985

Lynne Hendrix, C.P.A., M.B.A.: Visiting Instructor, 1984; Assistant Professor, 1985 Associate Professor, 1991; Professor of Accountancy, 2006

Paul Kuiper, B.S.: Teaching Associate, 1984-1985

Sylvia Boyd, C.P.A., M.B.A.: Assistant Professor, 1985; Associate Professor, 1991; retired, 1999

Thomas Skruch, M.B.A.: Teaching Associate, 1985-1987

C. Kendrick Gibson, Ph.D.: Professor, 1986; died, April 19, 2003

Raymond Slager, M.S.: Teaching Associate, 1987-1988

Ann Thomas, Ph.C.: Visiting Professor, 1987-1989

Jon VanAllsburg, J.D.: Teaching Associate, 1987-1988

Pam Pekelder, M.B.A.: Teaching Associate, 1988-1989

Richard Barnhart, C.P.A.: Visiting Instructor, 1989-1992

Domingo Joaquin, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor, 1989-1991

Martha La Barge, M.B.A.: Teaching Associate, 1989-1991; Visiting Assistant Professor of Accountancy, 2007

M. Gayle Robinson, J.D.: Teaching Associate, 1989-1991

Kary Love, J.D.: Teaching Associate, 1990-1991

Todd Steen, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor of Economics, 1988; Associate Professor, 1994; Professor, 2002; The Granger Professor of Economics, 2009

John E. Lunn, Ph.D.: The Robert W. Haack Professor of Economics, 1992

Edward Zajicek, Ph.D.: Visiting Assistant Professor, 1989-1994

Thomas M. Smith, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor of Business Administration, 1993; Associate Professor, 1999; The Dr. Leon A. Bosch '29 Professor of Management, 2006

Geraldine Kruse, M.B.A.: Visiting Assistant Professor of Accounting, 1997-1998

Jeff Spoelman, C.P.A.: Teaching Associate, 1997-1998

Douglas Van Der Aa: Visiting Associate Professor of Accounting, 1998

Brian E. Porter, Ph.D.: Associate Professor of Accounting, 1999, Professor of Management, 2009

Tracy Bolo, B.A.: Visiting Assistant Professor of Accounting, 2000-2001

Victor V. Claar, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor of Economics, 2000; Associate Professor, 2006-2009

Vicki Ten Haken, M.B.A.: Visiting Associate Professor of Management, 2000; Associate Professor of Management, 2004; Professor of Management, 2009

Christina M. Ritsema, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor of Accounting, 2001-2005

James A. Sprow, M.B.A.: Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics, 2001-2002

Kurt Dykstra, J.D.: Part-Time Lecturer, 2004

Steven K. VanderVeen, Ph.D.: Professor of Management, 2004

Daniel Kim, Ph.D.: Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics, 2006-2007

Gerald Mount, Ph.D.: Visiting Associate Professor of Management, 2006-2008

Stacy L. Jackson, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Management, 2007; Professor of Management, 2010

Hiroshi Torii, M.C.: Meiji Gakuin Visiting Professor of Economics, Fall 2007

Kim Hawtrey, Ph.D.: Professor of Economics, 2007

Robert H. Eames, M.B.A.: Associate Professor of Management, 2008

Leslie Muller, Ph.D.: Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics, 2009-2010

Peter Boumgarden, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor of Management, 2010

Afia Yamoah, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor of Economics, 2010-2014

Enrico Manlapig, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor of Economics, 2010-2012

Sarah M. Estelle, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor of Economics, 2012

David C. Phillips, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor of Economics, 2012

Marcus J. Fila, M.S.: Visiting Instructor of Mangement, 2013

Sheri A. Geddes, M.B.A.: Assistant Professor of Accounting, 2013

Melyn R. Vandenberg, M.B.A.: Assistant Professor of Accounting, 2013

Steven C. McMullen, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor of Economics, 2014